Why its important to make a Journal of your Training and Diet.

Hi all,

Lets talk why its important to make a journal..Specially if you are training and dieting.

I have been writing everything in my Journal since the day i started Training and dieting.And to this day, i still do.

Sure well have one of those times well get lazy or just plain lazy to put down anything in to a notebook. I felt that way too sometimes..Its a lot of work.

But i find myself sometimes lost.

Writing down what i have learned keeps me on track…And the good thing about writing things that i have learned is i can re-read them again and see where i have been,what improved and what needs improvements,along with all the new things i learn and all that fun stuff..Make notes of the new ones i have learned.Because i know one day i can put them to use,not just for me but to also help others.

Same as writing a diet journal, You can see how much crap you have eaten in a week, well if you are really honest with your self and still write down the crap you’ve eaten. hehe..I do, and when i see chocolates and cookies there, i know ill have to pay the price for it.

This will show you everything you need to know.Like why you haven’t seen improvements in ages,How to change your training and diet.

Ok, who likes to write down every stupid calorie intake everyday? I know i dont.. Well, i did write down my calorie intake before,for a kind of training im doing or i might use calorie counting to loose weight.I used to do it to only know how much calorie a food has,and when you see a food like that,you’ll hopefully remember how much calorie was in it 🙂 and that you dont have to write everything down anymore and YES please do read labels too.

My point is, it might be a lot of work but you will thank yourself  later that you did write things down,it will be your guide or reference for better results or a better lifestyle.

Hope you all like this post..More to come 🙂


Oh yeah,I feel Fat..

Hey guys..

Its been a week already of bulking…AND I FEEL FAT..Lol…that quick right..its cause im eating at the wrong time…

Wrong time like my carb intake is wrong..hehe..I had a week of crappy eating 🙂  because i was excited i can finally EAT! ughhhhh…wrong….

So, while i was eating cookies, i was researching on how to eat clean while bulking 🙂 haha..

And i did learned a lot  in my research.Learned what to expect,calorie intake,food to eat(which is pretty easy and obvious) Goal weight,how much weight to gain in that period of time.How to train.

The plan is to gain 10 lbs. and i know i cant get that GOOD muscle weight in just 2 months.So im thinking of 2 months Bulk and then Cut and then Bulk again..Now im going to figure out how long to cut and when to do bulk again..like a good cycle wise.Build Strength and build my Glutes..

(who doesn’t want glutes?)

So this week, I am watching what i eat..Clean bulk. And I have 7 weeks left..I do write down what i eat by the way..and i can say that my crab intake is at the wrong time intake.

But im already afraid,my stomach is soft and this little fat i see on my sides..Its driving me nutsss..my shorts are tight..hehe..BUT Spring is around the corner..ill be on time  when summer hits! woo hoo!

After all these crazy things im doing,ill be posting things about Bulking and why Bulking..




Happy Saint Patricks Day everybody

Bulk time?

Hi all,

another update…So on the past posts i said im giving up some of my muscles..Well i did that and my muscles went away and so as my butt..LOL..

So now, pants are loose..ughhhh.

Now, I decided..I have to do this the right way…Get this booty on work.

Bulking..People i used to work with told me to do this before but wasnt really paying attention.hehe..Now im going to do this from scratch..well be learning the hard way..Weighted myself Mar 01 2013 91.8 lbs…My goal is to get 10 lbs higher to get muscles.Think of bulkign for 2months and see what happeneds..I know this will be hard as we know fat is around the corner of bulking.We gotta EAT! ..and I am EXCITED..FOOD…Lol..i love food..but this doesnt mean eat the crappy one..418823_221790877960174_1194004448_n Doesn’t this look good.Greek Yogurt and berries for my post workout..

Id like to hear Advice from all of you about bulking,i would really appreciate it.

Time to prepare food 🙂

Till the next one..

Healthy Lunch

559832_218420811630514_71224147_n Had a big breakfast this morning..So, this is the choice for lunch..Healthy-ish Spinach tomato and ranch 🙂  i love ranch..

and i am still full from breakfast but i dont want to skip meals and i think this is the best choice and easy and quick to make 🙂

Have a great day all…

Eat well 🙂

Motivation of the day

#bellafalconi_fitness – One of the greatest things I’ve learned from the fitness lifestyle is: hard work does pay off! It’s not that you are going to put a lot of effort towards something in vain. You do get results, but…. You gotta be patient, consistent, and above all, eat super clean! Nothing worth having comes free. Like I always say, success won’t knock on your door and say: “oh hi! Here’s my gift for you, open the box and you’ll get your so wanted six pack!” That won’t happen, like for real…never! If you want something, work for it, put your heart and soul into it. Don’t take anything for granted. Be grateful for all good things you have accomplished so far instead of complaining your body isn’t changing. It is, but visible changes do take time. What will make you a winer is your patience to wait without quitting. Quitting is not an option; make yourself proud, be your own hero!

What she said is motivating not only in fitness but this also says so much more specially in Life.


24997206875011e1a87612313804ec91_7 d0798ed8e626ec4b6084e839ca8bd134

Quick Update

Hi all, after getting sick for a week..and this is the first time i been sick for that long…

I remember when i was a kid, i wished my fever would last longer so i wouldn’t have to go to school..haha..But now, i dont like it..felt like disabled.Couldn’t do anything..and i missed training..

So i tried the Live Fit Trainer Program made by Jamie Eason and its like im a beginner again..Entire body would ache..wake up sore Just like the first time..any way heres an update of me loosing some of my muscles..Im only 2 weeks out of the program and will fnally be back at it tomorrow..

548828_214158785390050_2044371868_n and i really wish theres another way i can post pictures in here through my phone..would make my life really easy..

So ill be posting again in 2weeks time :0

Later Xoxo

Advice of the Day

“If you dont want your heart failling on you, Get off that couch, and make that Heart work,Do Something!”

Train Insane Or Remain the same

Hi all, Filmed another video with one of yesterdays workout..

DSCN4950 and ive got this red dot from my first Hang snatch…Finally done it 🙂

My entire body is in pain But good pain…Im takin my off today from my training back at it again Thursdays and Saturdays 🙂

Had to re-schedule my training scheds and made another change on training routine that will work for my schedule as well..

As from yesterdays post I am traning using the Metabolic Resistance Training and im loving it.I hope you guys find my last pos helpful about the training.I also used to have a bodybuilding account,and it did help me soo much in learning new things. The site provide a lot of helpful information and people are really helfpul too if you need some help regarding training and diet etc.

tumblr_mg8dyjVXvH1r7wbzao1_500 And im also kickin my own butt to drinkin MORE water everyday.We know that this has soooo many benefits for us and its FREE. When i train i do drink water a lot, i do not drink energy drinks like i used to. I want my body to detox the good and healthy way,and i dont think eneyrgy drinks will be good if you are trying to remove bad toxins in your body while you are training right? So yes to Energy Water!

Till the next Post

Training Update # ?

Hi Guys,

Its been a very busy week(s) And i have been slackin off my training 😦

Since im gonna be very busy i decided to research for a great training with a great benefits,that wont take my time or so i wont be slackin off.

Have anybody of you hear about Metabolic Resistance Training?

If you are interested, Read on…


I was going to post photo updates on where i am at now but not for now because  i’ve soo much to do..But i will as soon.

Not slackin on my diet tho..i still do my best to keep eating healthy 🙂 Hope you all are too 🙂

Till the next post


Flu,Allergy and Soup!

Hi All,

Hows everybody dealing with Flu? Almost all the people in the world are experiencing this. Get the Shots! And load up some vitamin C.

Some people dont really know they have a flu.

My Son is also dealing with this too.It sucks because he cant have his Flu shot yet because he has bee caughing and has cold too 😦

Well I did too..For a half day..Thank god i had the shot earlier and my immune system has been pretty strong and been saving me survive the crowd with a lot of people who has been sneezing and coughing.Thank God. But i been dealing with my allergy, something in this cold air makes me sneeze and my eyes itch.Its annoying, Does having a shot for allergy also would be good? Let me know in the comment box.

And today i filmed a video on how to make an easy egg soup.This is good for Breakfast without frying your eggs,snacks for kids with cold or flu. I do this everytime i wanted eggs..Im in love with Eggs.Hope you guys will try this and recreate this if you guys want.


Take care Guys…Be healthy

All Day eerrrrday Glutes

from my old video that i did..Love to train Glutes..Using Hack Squat machine on Reverse 🙂

Thought id share..

Another day grind..

Happy weekend ladies and gents!



Not skipping training even if its Saturday!

Happy Training…


Running makes me Happy……Well,after that :)

First Off,  bloggers that have made a comment on my posts, Just want you to know that i havent really got in to learning more of the things about this site or blog.I seen your posts on my Spam box( yikes)..I need to have time to learn about blogging.Please bare with me.I have been super busy, but i will learn the ins and outs of this blog 🙂 Again sorry guys..


So now on our topic..Yes i did my cardio after my weight training which is Chest and Biceps. I run/jog/walk every other day and walk on the rest of the remaining days of the week…

We dont want to run everyday or something because i dont want to get lazy.I tend to get lazy when i repeatedly do the same routine every day. I mean, who doesnt.In the long run of  doing the same thing you feel blaaahhhh…and forget going to the gym and training.AND Procrastinate…”ill go later”   this is me..hehe..BUT I FIGHT THROUGH THE LAZINESS…I find ways to motivate myself and bribe..hehe..

Walking is very good for you, its relaxing,seriously..if you are stressed out,had a fight with your loved ones,boss etc..WALK..it will help you think better.It releases that tension.I do this a lot when im stressed out.

But if you are in a serious business like loosing that annoying fat that you cant get rid of….Combine weight training and cardio..You dont have to lift like Arnold schwarzenegger 🙂 pick a weight enough to challenge you not strain you..Train Smart! And after that, Try interval running.We are not a sprinter and marathoner BUT we all know they Train to get to where they are now.

So start with 10 Mintues..1 minute run/jog and 30secs walk..Remember to warm up and stretch.If this is too easy build your time up and your speed.

Image0571 and seeing this really makes me happy that  made it through 35mintues without giving up..hehe.

Hope you guys liked this post..Till the next one

Im on youtube!


My VLOG workin on my legs 🙂

i tried to make videos but i tend to shy out when people stare at me when im talking to a camera and plus i still dont know how to edit..Must learn,if i want to keep on making videos.. Well see how long this will last..hehe

Pyramid Triangle Lower Body Routine

Hello guys and gals..

Update on my training..I am 3rd week out..woohoo..i still trained even on holidays. And will be posting pics soon! well after 6th week. I have missed some days but i wasnt off on my eating.I made sure that i eat right and have that right amount of calorie intake on those days i didnt train.

and id like you guys to watch Mike Chang’s  SIXPACKSHORTCUTS on youtube.Where he is talking about CAN MUSCLE TURN TO FAT IF YOU STOP EXERCISING.It also tells you about calorie and diet together.


So Monday Im Training lower body part..of course its my favorite and Ill be using the Pyramid triangle method..You guys can give this a try,if you want to 🙂


20LBS – 15X

25LBS – 10X

30LBS- 8X

25LBS- 10X



10LBS- 20X

15LBS- 10X




























Lets Feel that Burnnn on that bootaaayy!

Try to keep Routines different to avoid boredom and not seeing results..Hope you guys like todays post! Till the nex one 🙂

Hi All..

DSCN4805 HI!!!!!! AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! …hows every body doing? Me, I have been soo busy this 2013 already..and I see that a lot of people have already been talking about  they’re resoulutions.Do you guys have made a resolution too? Eh, i dont..im not going to lie to myself..haha..If you think you need to change something, do it!  Im a big procrastinator, so doing  something will take time :D.

We are all different,some people actually make the resolutions happened and some just say PHACK IT! and like me..if i put my mind to it..im making it happened!  But seriously,im still on a training to fight procrastinating and i think im getting better!

AND I see that the top of the list of the resolutioners is Getting into Fitness..Ahem! I was in the gym today..most are guys BUT instead of them training and getting fit and healthy half of the guy in my gym is watching tv and the other is chit chatting..i thought only women do that!  My god..they could talk for hours too!

Well there  goes the time,the money you paid for the gym..and hello to being unhealthy..and they’re probably gonna be doing the same thing,look the same till the end of the year.And will still be the same just like the last years..

Well i hope all of you out there have been making your health your priority.

Dont make this as one of the resolution, that lasts a week or a month.Choose the change in lifestyle. Its for you anyways,your body,your Life!

have  a blessed day all!




Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Bloggers 🙂


Had my a bowl of Spaghetti today and had one too last night..BUT i almost fell off my chair how many calorie a spaghetti has while i was counting my calorie intake for the day..Hahaha..O-M-G.. I dont think im going to eat more of this devilish good stuff today..hehe

Ok,so its holidays but that doesn’t mean we forget what we are aiming for.I have had a good control on my carb intake right now and so as my cravings.And hopefully i can keep it this way…So  dear Body, work with me 🙂

Have a blessed Holidays..From Me to You and your Loved ones

Keep it Healthy 🙂




Sunday Funday



Hi all…Happy Sunday..Spent time with my kids..It was Chaos..But managed it.

By the way..Today was my cheat day..I had one Grande Frapp..Oooohh..haha..it was soo good..Ive been waiting for this all week..But im also proud of  myself today too,the kids wanted Mcdonald’s and I didnt order any..Woohoo..made me happy..And that Frapp is the only cheat that i had..Soo happy.And i been lowering my carb as well..Taking the advice 🙂

And can you find my babies?



Hard to see.Lol..too many kids playing and it scary..Like a jungle..

Anyway i hope all of you are having an amazing weekend..Take care 🙂


For Saturday Training

Hi guys and gal 🙂

Here is my training for Saturday

1,Hang Snatch

2,Push Press

3,Bench Press

4,Pull – Ups (Thats right i can)  🙂

5,Squats Deep

6, Deadlift

5 Sets of 5 reps ..Circuit..Or if i can go for 6 Sets, well see 🙂

This will be the last workout of the week.Im pretty excited to do Hang snatch specially because i haven’t done it. I Love difficult kind of training,i get really excited.

Its weird i have some strength left after a break and no supplements.This really made me happy…So, BIG YAY FOR THE NATURAL LIFTERS 🙂

Hope you guys will try this too 🙂

Lets Train

DSCN4754 Hi all Im Getting ready to work on my Back and Biceps today.Have a great Thursday all

Olay Age Protect Review

OLAY_AGE_PROTECT_ANTI_AGEING_CREAM_18gm_M_1_2x Its Benefits- Lightens Dark Spots, Visibly reduces wrinkles , Improves skin tone , Gives Radiant Younger looking skin.Use within 4 weeks to see results.

Now my skin is Oily and prone to acne.I just gave this a try hoping that it wont break me out.I wanted to see if it would reduce the signs of  wrinkles.

If you live in a hot tropical country  like me.Has oily skin and prone to acne.DON’T use this. My face broke out, and i have only been using this for a little  over 2 weeks.Some may use this for a month to see better results,I cant.Had to stop because my face started getting irritated.

This will be really good for women who has dry skin and not sensitive skin.

The product feels oily, feels soft and a little sticky but it does smells really good.

Too bad, i couldn’t keep using this .So i wont buy this product again.But id recommend this to women who has Normal,Dry skin and not prone to Acne.

And if you are planning on buying this product, start with the small bottle like 18g. and see how you like it.Keeps you from spending or wasting a lot of money 🙂

Hope this helps.Let me know i you have anymore questions regarding this post 🙂

Why Oh why Calories!

12244230206915371_MPtG8LEY_c  Lol..Story of my life..Every time i fall off the wagon..I go back to 1 again..

I never really used to count calories, What id do is eye on my food which i think is good for me BUT as of doing a lot of head breaking research, I realized i have to.Its hard to do all this specially when you have kids and In a budget. I Know a lot of fitness enthusiast out there or just people who want to change their lifestyle have to do this too for a guide line.You have to know how much calorie you’re taking in, in a daily basis.Because this will help you in sooo many things specially your goal.YOU WATCH WHAT YOU EAT. You have to.You also have to know what or how many calorie intake suits your goal.For Example with me, My goal is to loose fat. Im going to calculate the calorie intake i should be taking to be able to get to my goal..so theres difference in different goal, And this gave me a headache just thinking about it..

Hard thing is everything that you do will affect your body,your kingdom.So better make sure that doing these things will have the positive benefits for you In and Out.

So, I am back to writing my food journal. And I will have to be honest with what i write down.I used to do this too before but never really understood the importance of knowing the calorie intake.

My Body fat Percent as of December 19 2012 is ( 20.1 %)

BMI is (18.6 kg m/2)

Waist to Height ratio (0.47)

Lean Body Mass (73.5 lbs)

I am on the normal range,and don’t need to loose weight but id like to loose the last few lbs of fat..Headache much.AND You also need to have an end goal so you will work hard for this and to stick to the goal. There are soooo many things to touch basis with Calorie Intake but im having a headache right now..LOL.Not easy when the Kids are driving me nuts at the same time..Ahh the joy of motherhood.Will be re-continuing about this post again

If you guys need to share something some pointers, You guys can comment below,Id love to hear what you guys think and will read them and will reply back and Share thoughts 🙂

New Gym and Monday Legs Training

155303887120434257_ARFYstae_c Dont just this want to make you go train hard?

So this afternoon after dropping off the Kids to my sister, I found a new gym.Not expensive just right and great equipments. I got so excited with the new gym and today i started lifting again..I was so excited, i have missed lifting weights.And i am feeling that amazing burn in my glutes..I love it..

I trained legs today..And will be training my legs Monday and Wednesday as my legs is what i wanted to build. Ill be training 6 times a week.

Heres what my training today  looks like

Barbell Squats Deep – 3x 12 reps

Barbell Deadlift – 3x 12 reps

Single Leg Deadlift – 3x 10 reps

Smith Machine Lunge – 3x 12 reps

Plie Squat – 3x 12 reps

Cable glute Kickback – 3x 12 reps

Standing Calf Raise and Donkey Calf Raise – 3x 12 reps each exercise

I will be switching from barbells to dumbbells to cables.

AND i got my loved ones some cards for Christmas, I wanted to make one that has a personal touch but i don’t know what to make that wont hurt the pocket so much 🙂

So i think personal message would be good too 🙂

I hope you will try this workout. 🙂


Happy Weekend :)

132574782751598783_YSoY21Ec_c  There is always a reason to smile AND at the same time Be Thankful for..Have a Blessed weekend..

My Early Christmas Haul

 DSCN4732 Happy weekend all..I can smell Christmas all over Starbucks..Lol..umm umm umm…Its soo good to enjoy life sometimes…Today, i did an early shopping for myself and my kids and nephew..I love shopping but only for this kind of occasion.I did this early because i know its gonna go nuts next week..Im takin advantage of the sales and the time too    🙂


DSCN4729DSCN4730DSCN4731 i didnt get to buy this dress but i thought its sexy, But i had to shop around and see if id like this than the other choices around..So, walked around some more..Im that kind of shopper now..I really have to make my decisions and choices  hard when buying my clothes 🙂

DSCN4750 and I end of buying this super cute Romper..I cant wait to wear em with some Belt and accessories.

DSCN4749 And i love this long sleeves, love to style this with my shorts.. 🙂


And i this i went crazy with my lip products..hehe..Love love this Lip gloss because it changes color when you wear it.

DSCN4740 and Vaseline lip therapy because my lip have been crazy dry and it hurts 😦

DSCN4743DSCN4744DSCN4741 My new Lipstick Revlon in 415 Pink in The Afternoon..Im gonna use the heck out of this..haha

DSCN4745DSCN4746DSCN4747 My fake nails..hehe..Im aiming for that Stiletto nails..woot..

DSCN4748 I also gt this cute necklace..

DSCN4736 And i changed my shampoo to Herbal essence.It smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G..and it did made my hair feels smooth..My hair is damaged and seriously dry by the way..From all the things i did to damage my hair and right now its on therapy.

DSCN4737 and Tresemme Anti hair fall conditioner..my hair is on serious rebellion on me and im spending crap amount of money just to bring it back..

DSCN4751 And these bad boys are my angels..THEY DID HELPED MY HAIR A LOT..I put the Olive oil on the roots of my hair because this helps my hair  not to fall off and helps with growth..And Virgin Coconut oil for the ends of my almost wire kind hair and gosh it has been working like magic..NO SALON TREATMENT..These Two have been my treatment, and i treat my hair twice a week..

DSCN4752 and Im also trying out this Olay Age Protect. Now my face is oily like you can fry eggs on em and thats why my acne loves my face. Reason why i used this is to see how it would work on me.Lets see how it goes in a month and will be posting review about this. 🙂

DSCN4733 and last ones are the kids shirt..How cute are these things..Im kinda Learning football and found these and thought they were super cute.I wish they had my size.. 🙂

So, see you guys in my next Post..it will be my training 🙂




To the Victims of the shooting in Connecticut..

To the Victims of the shooting in Connecticut

My prayer goes to the Kids..You are in heaven now,no more pain and fear..And to the families who have lost their loved ones….You are in our prayers.

The schools are supposed to be a safe place for them because we trust our kids in that place not only to learn but also an extension of our homes.

I am a parent too, and i dont know what i would do without them, and Id get my hands on that Killer and God knows what id do to him!

And how many more kids or people will die of a gun because of a lunatic lurking around!!! AND THOSE ARE KIDS…Seriously! They don’t know anything.Innocent Kids…What is wrong with this people.

BRING JUSTICE!!!!!!   Do something about this President Obama.

Hows your Training :) ?

DSCN4703DSCN4710 this was mine today? I earned my shower….of sweat! Todays workout Fitness 600 rep of Bodyrock.tv Zuzana..And this was the first time doing it.My upper body was shaking when i took the picture..I love it.You can try the workout if you guys haven’t seen this yet


Its free and you can do it in your home.

I also made my training calendar for this Month and also my diet.I am going to be carb cycling and see how this would help my hormone. 🙂

DSCN4699 Its up and its my motivation to get my butt up and train..Hope you all have a great one..Take care 🙂



DSCN4694 Today’s snack Celery,apple, sugar beets, cucumber and carrots..Simple and easy to make juice..


DSCN4698 taste soooo good too..Try it

with Janella



DSCN4682 One of those lazy days you just like to take things easy and hang out..with your kid.

pizap.com13545971617701 been cookin crazy and had to really pick food because shes a crazy picky eater 🙂

Loosing Mass for now…

Result of no heavy weight training for about 3 weeks..And Learning about my hormones,my cravings for sweets and eating bad things.Yikes!

For now, i am on relax mode on my heavy weight training days.Going to be on HIIT mode short and quick workouts.Healing my hormones.Its nooooo easy thing to do specially when you are going against your “Feelings” ..Im going crazy not hitting weights but i have to..I have to make sure my hormones is going with me,the right way.

My legs are a bit soft right now and so as my abdominals.  😦

DSCN4685DSCN4689 and Here is the goal sample id like to transform my body to

Upper Body Lisa Marie of Bodyrock.tv.She is a great inspiration for this goal..New year New me 🙂

pizap.com13545976195041 So this is how my body is now..

pizap.com13545987029351 and this is what my Goal looks like for new year! Im excited! and NOT impossible!

My New Training and Fatloss Plan

1.) Reduce Calories Gradually – Making smaller calorie reductions every week or Two

2.) Vary Caloric Intake – Example, Monday High Cal. Tuesday Low Cal.

3.) Train with weights – Example, Full body twice a week. Ill be training my legs at                                      least twice a week.

4.) Do HIIT – Better results in less time.this will be 4x a week.

5.) Eat More Fat – Omega 3’s ,fish,nuts,peanut butter,olive oil,egg yolk,fish oils.

6.) Cut Carbs- Consume most carbs in the morning and around workouts.

7.) Increase Protein

8.) Eat Smaller meals per day- eating every 3 to 4 hours a day 4 to 5 times a day.


HIIT by. BodyRock.Tv And Weight Training!

Hi all,

I just had a major headache reading to many info’s. Been reading about Hormones, things that affects your Hormones.How training can affect you and your hormones,your diet etc.

Since i started weight training, my Hormones has been crazy.Everything changed.To my acne breakouts, to PMS go nuts,and mood and so much more.Its been a hard time keeping fat off around my tummy.It goes off and on again.I have been trying to change my routines a lot because i get really bored fast.Usually i hear people change their trainings every 4 weeks But me, i have to change every 2 weeks.I get bored and lazy that quick.And its been almost 3 years of changing.

Now i know change is good.We need to change out training to prevent hitting Plateau. But what i need is, a training that doesn’t make my Hormones go nuts and be the reason for me not to reach my goal.

Eh, this is also one of the reason i love being a fitness trainer,We don’t stop learning.I am still a beginner 🙂 and so much to learn.

Now, Hormones is a big thing,specially if you train and diet.Well more than training and Diet.It affects our whole being.Hormones could also be a reason why that annoying fat around the belly wont just go far far away! And no matter how hard you train yourself to eat good,then you get the nasty cravings!

So, i was reading this blog,


Which is really helpful,(hope its ok that im putting her blog here)

Going through this blog, i thought,well, lets try HIIT Again! as this kind of training doesn’t cause as much stress in the body. I used to use Bodyrock.tv  for this kinds of workout and i love the fact that some of the workouts there,You didn’t have to use weights and you can do it at home! So, now i think im going back to Body rocking again!! And Lisa Marie is the biggest motivator i have right now. You guys should check them out.

I will be dividing HIIT to my Weight training days..And see how this goes.Will be experimenting…And Hopefully i don’t get bored or lazy.

Well be posting weekly updates on my how my training is going..And will be showing you guys how my weight training Looks like.



Hair Diary Part 1

 So this is my hair length now.I have had my hair cut Nov.20.12 i think thats a correct day 🙂 Had my dry dead ends cut.

I decided to make a diary where i can post pics of my hair growing.And every 3 months, i will be posting pictures of my hair for updates.Starting fresh and natural.And well see how fast this hair  grows 🙂

 And this is what i am using now..And the only hair treatment that i will be using is this Virgin Coconut oil every 3 days.

Well this had helped my hairs dead ends and im only been using it 4 times now and i can already see the difference on my hair.I’ve got the shampoo and conditioner 6 months ago and im reusing it again and hopefully this will help with my hairs growth.

So next post will be in February 20th.

Dealing with Skin Asthma..

When i was a kid..i also had to deal with Asthma and allergies..Back then, there was no medicine,and being in a province everything is far.And there’s no clinics or hospital around.Id dealt with many sleepless night and hard time breathing,coughing for 3 years or so.And it just went away when  i moved back in the city and in High school.And i became more active.I love to run and surprisingly i didn’t have any symptoms or signs of asthma coming back, except for allergies. I get allergies at the month of May and November.Those are the times i noticed id have itchy throat,coughing for no reason and itchy eyes..

Two of my sisters didn’t have asthma like i did, they had skin asthma.They had to have their hair cut really short..and dust and i think grass,dirt gives this skin a reaction and it will go all over their head or the body.I had some of this on my legs before but it goes away fast..Thank god i didn’t have to deal with going bald.

Now my 2nd daughter is dealing with skin asthma i think for almost a month now.Her hair had to be cut really short.And the allergies  goes away and comes back.I think its the place or area that we live in.Also in the mountains,trees, bugs etc.And my father adopted a dog.Which i think made her asthma even worse.So,she was brought to the hospital a lot of times,my father freaks out and it drives me nuts! Every move,the kid had to be taken to a hospital.I hate it.You spend more on check ups and meds and your kid is not getting any better,its frustrating!

So finally, i decided that ill take care of this issue.Its been 3 days of me treating her and shes already healing..Fast!

I did a lot of research about skin asthma.And thank god i found moms like me who deals with the same problems with their kids in this site.It was a prayer answered.Its funny because the post was 2011.Thank god its still there..And thank you for posting.It was really helpful

I did bought a Glycerine soap.And Glycerine pure which i put in her water when she showers.I also bought Betadine and Hydrogen peroxide to clean the wounds.I also used Amoxicillin but only 3 times now,i think that will it,as i didnt want her taking more meds. The second day,some of the reactions went away.Her legs and arms are getting better. Third day,she dealt with serious itch though.We both didn’t get to sleep all night because she was just itching bad. Probably a sign that the wounds in her head was healing.Today is the fourth day,and shes not itching anymore.I brought some coconut this morning and took the juice of the coconut and pour it on her head in the shower.Then washed with some glycerine on the water and used glycerine soap to clean out the skin.

Coconut juice was a lot of help when we were kids.And i remembered my grand parents using that to us when we were kids when we get this allergies and insect bites/mosquito bites..Don’t know how but it really worked for us.And i know coconut oil or juice has a lot of benefits and i believe it.

Im also feeding her good foods,good diet to get her defenses back and i even made her raw juice twice now and shes liking it.  And a good thing that they love veggies..

Now shes healing,now i know what to do if this allergies comes back again and but i do pray that this doesn’t come back.Its really hard seeing kids having to deal with this skin problems..

Again thanks for the post about Glycerine, it had helped my daughter.Thank you so much..

And i am not a doctor, I am a mom that will do what she can to make her kids better and sleep good at night.

If you guys need help,, ask me, ill do the best that i can to help also.

My Day..

Hi all,

Today i did a circuit training of upper body which is combined Push Pull,Shoulders and Arms and it took me 50 minutes with 30 secs break..I like it..and it was really sweaty..Im lovin circuit training’s  its intense and doesn’t take me forever to get done and plus its only 2 sets of 12-15 Reps.

Had my 2 eggs and of course the Coffee..Im addicted!

Made my juice today too..I forgot to get celery but i think this was ok. My snack…

1 Apple, 1 cucumber and 2 carrots.and a spoon of Honey.

I used my juicer for carrots and cucumber and blender my apple.Its easy fast and cheap..Sometimes when u just feel like u need to drink healthy juice..go for a quick one:)

Doesn’t have to be all expensive and extravagant to start the healthy habit.Try going with what you can afford for now.

And tomorrow  I will be running for 45 min. or so,i wish i can have some one take pics or videos…Hmmm…soon

Food and Nails :)

 Hi all,

todays Lunch and Dinner

Stir fry cabbage with Chicken breast..lunch served with.Brown rice and Sriracha with it 🙂

I loved  the spiciness of  Sriracha with  my veggies..I always cook that will be good for lunch and dinner,saves me time 🙂 and  i don’t over eat.Kinda like a secret to measuring my meals in a day.

 My Rimmel Lasting Finish PRO nail polish up to 10 days..Im kickin my butt for not buying more colors cus they do last and it doesn’t chip.

This is actually 2 years old and its still just like when i first bought it.Going to invest in a good nail polish this time.I been spending a lot buying cheap nail polish that lasts a day.I hate that when that happens.


Sunday blog

 Good morning…I am back to love with coffee, it never fails to pick me up all the time 🙂

 didn’t get to workout Saturday morning,so i did it today..No excuses!

Did it in my bedroom.And tomorrow is gonna be a Looong walk early in the morning!

Have a Blessed Sunday!

Hows your weekend?

Mine, was ok, gone nuts trying to figure out how to set-up a WiFi in about 2 days.But other than that..thank god i made it through a stressful times.

Watch Twilight yesterday and i was happy.Had too many people so i had to wait about 1 hour to get to watch it.

 dont get me wrong , Taylor has a sexy physique BUT man R.Pats is delicious..Lol..

 and this is how crazy it was..I LOVED THE MOVE! a must watch.

And of course i had to get my cheat food,i know, i been cheating a lot..

 I forgot the name of this one but it was delicious.

And stopped by at the accessories place and got me a cheap but great looking earrings

 cost me less than a dollar each 🙂

 and i got this devil and im grounded from spending..AGAIN..so this is why you shouldn’t bring a woman whose got shoes addiction to the mall..It is trouble!




Fitness Update,OOTD,Addiction and Life Blog

Whoa, this morning was a painful start of my day…I just resigned from my Job, and I didn’t want to.But my workplace is just way to stressful for me.My job as a trainer is not stressful ,the workplace is. Was emotional saying why i was resigning.I think this place isn’t really for me.I need to go and change things.And continue with what i love to do…still,a Fitness Trainer and soon a Nutritionist.

So after a stressful day.I went to the mall and walked around and stress myself some more..haha.

 this was today’s Outfit..always keeping it easy and stress free 🙂

But looking at this shoes,pumps hurts me…My pocket! 🙂

 I just love shoes,its my addiction..And this addiction is not cheap. And now i’m jobless,i wont be able to get some of this things for a while. 😦

So, i did my workout too..I am still on my goal.I lost more weight. Its water weight from supplements.And going au natural is really good.I haven’t been taking Creatine since i started my new program like i used to when i lift weights and no protein shake either because im trying to loose my mass. I couldn’t lift as heavy as i used to but my agility,speed is still the same.And i am ok with that. And i can run for a good distance 🙂

 Not much definition like the picture  a month ago.I believe that we can shape our bodies,how it should look like,how it will look like.And i am going for it!


For My Treasure

My Life,My childhood,is not gonna be my kid’s life and childhood.



My weekend :)

So,today i get to sleep late AND eat what i want to eat! YAY! .Did go to the church today too.Went to the mall and got me some new heels

 and i love it..its not as high like my other heels..You know Im a shorty,gotta have some heels always.I think this is 3 or 4 inch heels.They’re just perfect for walking around the mall and stuff.But i still need to get me some heels like this ones but without the straps.Well, we can never have enough shoes or heels right?.I have a lot of heels but usually i can only use them at night or if really have to go to some nice occasions that i have to play dress up.

and this was i was wearing today with this heels

 fresh out of the shower.So i seen someone did a boyfriend top and jeans kind of look and its where i got this idea.Where everything is loose.I never really used to wear big clothings because they made me look short and obviously didn’t know how to style and rock them by then..Thank god to fashion style blogs…

And i didnt really put a lot of make up just my eyebrows of course 🙂 , my mascara,blush and a loose powder and im good to go.And my contacts cus im blind 🙂

 and yes i love my flaws, acne’s and all.They are there, might as well rock it..haha.

I did went and watch some Movie too.I watched Skyfall and im sorry 007, you are hot and all but the movie got me seriously bored.I expected it to be exciting like the old James bond movies but yeah.I didn’t like it.

I’ve always picked bad movies, so from now on im reading reviews about movies so i don’t end up disappointing myself.

And also about my cheat day which is today, I thought i was gonna be going crazy out today,splurge on those yummy bad foods but surprisingly i wasn’t hungry for anything.I did had some pop corn and water at the movies and some shake thing.I guess i wasn’t having that bad craving today and i hope the cravings stays away for good.

So thats it for today..time for my books and pass out..Have a great day/night Bloggers…

My bad Cravings…

So, it has been a month of trying to loose my muscle mass.Have been doing cardio a lot and lower down my weight training.

My strength has decreased since i haven’t been lifting as hard as i used to and i don’t take any supplements like i sued to.

Now, i am back on writing down what i eat.Yes another food journal to see how my eating habit is.

And the fast couple days,i couldn’t stop myself on eating junk and crappy foods.

The stuff that i used to not eat,Now i am eating.I feel powerless and have not that strength to say no.What happened to me?

As i was writing on my food journal,i been rereading them and Oh my goodness, i’ve had to many cheat food,well not cheat foods but really bad bad foods this days.

This is not good for me. Im loosing control over myself of controlling what im supposed to eat..

When i eat something, i couldn’t really tell the taste of what im eating.

Like i had a sundae ice cream  last Sunday, and i couldn’t taste the sundae.But i know how it should taste like but my tongue is not satisfied and couldn’t taste anything.What is wrong with my tongue?

And i dont want to end up being skinny fat.sheeesshh

So now, i think my purpose would be back to rechecking my diet again.

And see what im doing wrong, because this cravings is seriously scaring me.

My Fitness Journey

 2010 till 2011

 My arms was gettin better,Abs are comin too

 this was the start of serious training.. only cardio and no weight training this was 2010

 My progress and still going to change

 Oh yeahh gettin muscular 🙂

 result of serious Diet and a Hard a** training regimen 🙂

 And I made it..

I was training for 3 years..But the first year was not as good as i did the next coming years..I did a lot of research and tried a lot of training program,eating habits to get to this.Eating healthy and clean is the hardest.And everything is really a pure hard work.I did take supplements like Creatine and an Enegry booster called  TnT and another  one called Super Pump max of Gaspari Nutrition,and I also of course used Whey Protein ON.  BUT now i wanted to change this..I was really muscular.My upper is seriously built and so as even more,My legs…And im trying to build my body the serious natural way..The Healthy eating kind of way,no supplements, Just food and of course my multivitamins..Just be Fit and be Healthy, and this means ill be doing a lot of cardiovascular work now, because back then my cardio was not a priority when i was building muscles.And by the way I am a Mother of 3 beautiful Kids. 🙂

So now the goal is Loosing my Muscles, I know some wont like this, well im not loosing all of my hard earned muscles..Im keeping some of my legs because they are amazing in heels 🙂 and my glutes are better than my used to be small and flat booty..

I just need to trim down my Upper Body.

As of now i am on the search of what best program i could do.

Its gonna be another Hard work..and for sure, I know it will pay off!

Recreated a look

 another mirror pic, this was when we were heading to SBMA..i love shorts..


Happy Halloween all..My Halloween was so much fun…got to enjoy it with some friends for a night and a day..met new people,had a great time,eating korean food of course, and had  a little walk in the remote area where theres not much people,clean air and just green

 it tasted soo good..

 finished the food and almost ate all of them, thats how hungry we were

 this was really beautiful for me…a simple life.

. lunch before heading back home

 and of course i gotta be at starbucks at least once in a while and enjoy life a bit..

I hope you guys had a great time…


My version of vegan Minestrone

 My lunch today..i didnt want to eat anything big..and i was hungry for nice and hot soup so i figured id make my own minestrone without the beef..And with the Help of Hunts diced tomato with some spices on it..It was the best! And i made so many that it will probably last me 2 days, not sure, cus im thinking of having some every 3 hours..haha..its that good this soup is.This will be my Halloween day..

Happy Halloween all.

Tonights menu..

 Shitake mushroom, Broccoli, tomatoes and flavored with cumin,sriracha and magic sarap (Filipino seasoning) Yuumm..my dinner!

Tattoo Plan?

I am planning on having a tattoo this Christmas..And this will be my sixth tattoo which ill be posting about them soon,

And i been thinking about having one the past few months and i think this will be the best gift that ill have for myself..

The tattoo choice will be “Know Thyself ,Love Thyself” In Latin. Id like Greek too but i don’t know how to read them..haha Plus i wouldn’t know if it was written correctly.Its too risky and scary.

I been doing research about it and im scared of putting something on my skin that is written wrong.And I have to make sure im doing this right.

I planned on having then on my left ankle like this one

 I think its simple Yet elegant kind of looking..Is that right?

So if any of you guys know Latin please leave a comment..It will really mean so much to me..Thank you.

Grocery shopping and finding Tim Tam

 TIM TAMS!!!!! i was soo happy i found these bad boys..i been watching youtube blogs about this, they said they were really good. i didn’t know so i cant relate.haha.

Thank god they had the little 4 pcs. pack soooo i bought one,and actually i just got done eating them and Ohh mahhh gaawwd..i loved them..BUT i can’t have them like everyday because they are really sweet. So maybe ill have them on my Cheat day once in a while 🙂

And now i know whats that talk about these sweet thing…

 my favorite isle i the market. All the organic stuff i could find

 gahh,, soo expensive BUT i will get you one day..I must try you!

 I love these ones..but i wanted to try the thai curry paste

 These ones are so convenient. If you are in a budget or in a hurry..I love them cus i dont have to put anything on my oatmeal and i can take it to work with me

 I wanted a cracker that would go with my tea so i found this ones, and its a multi grain..Got my Organic tea of Moroccan Mint,must try,i don’t know how this taste like thats why i bought it..Im a tea addict..i wish i could go to Japan and just try all of the Teas they have..


Another OOTD..And a thank you

  Today was church day and decided id wear this dress.I love em…Im starting to have the “eyes for fashion” and i have to say thank you for those who have been liking my posts.I get really excited and inspired to post more,well not just this but will be posting things that is important,one that would be really worth taking a look at my Blog page.Thank you

Im in Chi town

Hi All, i been away..lol..i know its because i am now in the US of A..and i will be posting better blogs soon..watch out.

talk soon 🙂

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