Insanity Experience

 So I am now on my 2nd week of this Insanity Program.

The First day for me was really rough, well the whole first week was rough..I wanted to give up after every workout BUT I am still doing it..

I used to do intervals, HIIT, BUT this one is different as it has little to almost no break after each or every workout.

I am doing the workouts in my room which i will be posting a picture Soon how small space i have BUT its not an excuse for me to skip training..

I also took pictures when i first started and measured my self  too for my 2nd FIT TEST and will be posting the results in 30 days..

By the way I am a fitness trainer and i have been training for about 2 to 3 years now, Im always on the lookout to challenge my self and to keep things new,exciting and fun for me.Im still a beginner for most trainers 🙂

Diet- im currently a lacto-ovo-vegetarian NEWBIE…eating healthy is a lifestyle and changes might be hard but it is my choice to healthy taking it one step at a time, So, that means im not really following the diet in this program BUT I know i am eating right and healthy.

Well see how this goes in a few weeks of hard trainings.

About the program, this will be my 2nd time kickin my self but it still feels like the first week

I still get nervous when i hear Shaun T. says JOG IT OUT!

AND the WARM UP feels like the workout itself.

So this will be it for now. Watch out for DAY 30 Post..



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