Fitness Lifestyle Update

So, this is where i’m kind of at now..I was on my 2nd week of the Insanity workouts BUT I was really hard, the fast few days of doing it was really hard specially on my little feet..But idid tried though, BUT i didn’t stop training, I’m still doing my cardio But still i havent been lifting weights.. Its been about a month since i stopped. Reason why i stopped is because I am on a different goal. I am a fan of the fitness models we see everyday in the magazines,On TV, etc, And i loved how the muscles look on them, it soo amazing. Now, i have been training to get those muscles and i did got them by the way. I trained my legs twice a week and the rest are spread out through the week.I built a nice really toned legs. My arms grew too,Ive got guns! My abs..well Six Pack! My back- V-shape, which i get compliments by the way My shoulders were really defined.Even my brothers kept telling me i was “BIG”. I grew big, well for me, I did grow some muscles the healthy way.I ate really good and trained hard. One day i woke up saying Lets change things up.. By saying that, it means changing everything in what i do how i train,how i eat and mostly how i look. People goes to the gym with different goal but the usual people specially women, always ask for a “Feminine look” There will be a time they will compare me to what they wanted to look like “i like your small waist, but not big arms,i like your big/toned glutes but not huge legs” Well that’s normal if people couldnt figure out what they really want.I was once like that..I didnt know what i want.I just go through the motion and see how i feel. Its like an on going experiment for me. To see how things work,how things change. Its fun to learn how you can create your body.Most people dont beleive that they can but I do.It just takes a lot of hard work and a whole lot of patience. So What was my Goal? Loose a little bit more of my muscle mass and Tone my skin. Now i did a lot of research about this but you will never see much advice about loosing muscle mass. Because people are trying to gain Muscle. But do the other bodybuilder’s like to stay muscular till they’re 50? well on women specially. Im not saying that having muscles or having muscular physique is not good, Muscles are good but as for me Id like to look right for my age. So, im letting go of my legs my abs and everything. I will now be toning them, look more feminine and right for my age. I am still eating healthy and will train my body for good health.

The top picture was before i started the Insanity..few  months ago before i started Insanity.

The Bottom picture was before i started lifting heavy weights.

I am 27 years old and  i have been training hard for almost 3 years.

Time for some Change..I am excited..

And ill be posting a picture Month update  of where im at.


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Mommy, CFT, Food lover, adventurer, Love fashion

2 responses to “Fitness Lifestyle Update

  1. beezer123

    You’re looking fantastic. What a change. Just started up my own blog to document my fitness journey.
    Looking forward to your updates.


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