Day off

 Ahh its been a relaxing day.I got to do things i been meaning to do for the fast few days/weeks..Today i had my hair treatment.Im going crazy and thinking of chopping them off cus they are pretty damaged and watching asymmetrical bob hairstyle on Youtube is tempting me to do it,still couldn’t make my up mind..well,its hard decide if id go to the painful process of growing hair AGAIN..(typical Gemini).I do love short hair because where im from, Asian don’t like short hair and most are pretty afraid of getting haircut (me) and its always LONG HAIR..i like being edgy and different..but gahhh growing hair is soo hard for me..i get impatient and it takes years to have a good length and my hair is wavy too.

I also had my nails done which costs about 2 dollars..manicure and pedicure and i have to learn how to do all of this when i get to the states because they said its pretty expensive

And the hair treatment costs about 2 dollars..pretty cheap..i like it here.

I did studied cosmetology but i stopped taking the course cus i got lazy..So stupid…

Oh well might have to take it again


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