HIIT by. BodyRock.Tv And Weight Training!

Hi all,

I just had a major headache reading to many info’s. Been reading about Hormones, things that affects your Hormones.How training can affect you and your hormones,your diet etc.

Since i started weight training, my Hormones has been crazy.Everything changed.To my acne breakouts, to PMS go nuts,and mood and so much more.Its been a hard time keeping fat off around my tummy.It goes off and on again.I have been trying to change my routines a lot because i get really bored fast.Usually i hear people change their trainings every 4 weeks But me, i have to change every 2 weeks.I get bored and lazy that quick.And its been almost 3 years of changing.

Now i know change is good.We need to change out training to prevent hitting Plateau. But what i need is, a training that doesn’t make my Hormones go nuts and be the reason for me not to reach my goal.

Eh, this is also one of the reason i love being a fitness trainer,We don’t stop learning.I am still a beginner ūüôā and so much to learn.

Now, Hormones is a big thing,specially if you train and diet.Well more than training and Diet.It affects our whole being.Hormones could also be a reason why that annoying fat around the belly wont just go far far away! And no matter how hard you train yourself to eat good,then you get the nasty cravings!

So, i was reading this blog,


Which is really helpful,(hope its ok that im putting her blog here)

Going through this blog, i thought,well, lets try HIIT Again! as this kind of training doesn’t cause as much stress in the body. I used to use Bodyrock.tv ¬†for this kinds of workout and i love the fact that some of the workouts there,You didn’t have to use weights and you can do it at home! So, now i think im going back to Body rocking again!! And Lisa Marie is the biggest motivator i have right now. You guys should check them out.

I will be dividing HIIT to my Weight training days..And see how this goes.Will be experimenting…And Hopefully i don’t get bored or lazy.

Well be posting weekly updates on my how my training is going..And will be showing you guys how my weight training Looks like.




Hair Diary Part 1

¬†So this is my hair length now.I have had my hair cut Nov.20.12 i think thats a correct day ūüôā Had my dry dead ends cut.

I decided to make a diary where i can post pics of my hair growing.And every 3 months, i will be posting pictures of my hair for updates.Starting fresh and natural.And well see how fast this hair ¬†grows ūüôā

 And this is what i am using now..And the only hair treatment that i will be using is this Virgin Coconut oil every 3 days.

Well this had helped my hairs dead ends and im only been using it 4 times now and i can already see the difference on my hair.I’ve got the shampoo and conditioner 6 months ago and im reusing it again and hopefully this will help with my hairs growth.

So next post will be in February 20th.

Dealing with Skin Asthma..

When i was a kid..i also had to deal with Asthma and allergies..Back then, there was no medicine,and being in a province everything is far.And¬†there’s¬†no clinics or hospital around.Id dealt with many sleepless night and hard time breathing,coughing for 3 years or so.And it just went away when ¬†i moved back in the city and in¬†High school.And i became more active.I love to run and surprisingly i¬†didn’t¬†have any symptoms or¬†signs¬†of¬†asthma coming back,¬†except for allergies. I get¬†allergies¬†at the month of May and November.Those are the times i noticed id have itchy throat,coughing for no reason and itchy eyes..

Two of my sisters¬†didn’t¬†have asthma like i did, they had skin asthma.They had to have their hair cut really short..and dust and i think grass,dirt gives this skin a reaction and it will go all over their head or the body.I had some of this on my legs before but it goes away fast..Thank god i¬†didn’t¬†have to deal with going bald.

Now my 2nd daughter is dealing with skin asthma i think for almost a month now.Her hair had to be cut really short.And the allergies  goes away and comes back.I think its the place or area that we live in.Also in the mountains,trees, bugs etc.And my father adopted a dog.Which i think made her asthma even worse.So,she was brought to the hospital a lot of times,my father freaks out and it drives me nuts! Every move,the kid had to be taken to a hospital.I hate it.You spend more on check ups and meds and your kid is not getting any better,its frustrating!

So finally, i decided that ill take care of this issue.Its been 3 days of me treating her and shes already healing..Fast!

I did a lot of research about skin asthma.And thank god i found moms like me who deals with the same problems with their kids in this site.It was a prayer answered.Its funny because the post was 2011.Thank god its still there..And thank you for posting.It was really helpful

I did bought a Glycerine soap.And Glycerine pure which i put in her water when she showers.I also bought Betadine and Hydrogen peroxide to clean the wounds.I also used Amoxicillin but only 3 times now,i think that will it,as i didnt want her taking more meds. The second day,some of the reactions went away.Her legs and arms are getting better. Third day,she dealt with¬†serious¬†itch though.We both¬†didn’t¬†get to sleep all night because she was just itching bad. Probably a sign that the wounds in her head was healing.Today is the fourth day,and shes not itching anymore.I brought some coconut this morning and took the juice of the coconut and pour it on her head in the shower.Then washed with some glycerine on the water and used glycerine soap to clean out the skin.

Coconut juice was a lot of help when we were kids.And i remembered my grand parents using that to us when we were kids when we get this allergies and insect bites/mosquito bites..Don’t know how but it really worked for us.And i know coconut oil or juice has a lot of benefits and i¬†believe¬†it.

Im also feeding her good foods,good diet to get her defenses back and i even made her raw juice twice now and shes liking it.  And a good thing that they love veggies..

Now shes healing,now i know what to do if this allergies comes back again and but i do pray that this¬†doesn’t¬†come back.Its really hard seeing kids having to deal with this skin problems..

Again thanks for the post about Glycerine, it had helped my daughter.Thank you so much..

And i am not a doctor, I am a mom that will do what she can to make her kids better and sleep good at night.

If you guys need help,, ask me, ill do the best that i can to help also.

The best cure for Skin Asthma

The best cure for Skin Asthma.

My Kids Has asthma and been to the docs a lot..It always good to know alternative when things sometimes just wont work.

My Day..

Hi all,

Today i did a circuit training of upper body which is combined Push Pull,Shoulders and Arms and it took me 50 minutes with 30 secs break..I like it..and it was really sweaty..Im lovin circuit¬†training’s¬† its intense and¬†doesn’t¬†take me¬†forever¬†to get done and plus its only 2 sets of 12-15 Reps.

Had my 2 eggs and of course the Coffee..Im addicted!

Made my juice today too..I forgot to get celery but i think this was ok. My snack…

1 Apple, 1 cucumber and 2 carrots.and a spoon of Honey.

I used my juicer for carrots and cucumber and blender my apple.Its easy fast and cheap..Sometimes when u just feel like u need to drink healthy juice..go for a quick one:)

Doesn’t have to be all expensive and extravagant to start the healthy habit.Try going with what you can¬†afford¬†for now.

And¬†tomorrow¬† I will be running for 45 min. or so,i wish i can have some one take pics or videos…Hmmm…soon

Food and Nails :)

 Hi all,

todays Lunch and Dinner

Stir fry cabbage with Chicken breast..lunch served with.Brown rice and Sriracha with it ūüôā

I loved ¬†the¬†spiciness of ¬†Sriracha with¬†¬†my veggies..I always cook that will be good for lunch and dinner,saves me time ūüôā and ¬†i don’t over eat.Kinda like a secret to measuring my meals in a day.

¬†My Rimmel Lasting Finish PRO nail polish up to 10 days..Im kickin my butt for not buying more colors cus they do last and it doesn’t chip.

This is actually 2 years old and its still just like when i first bought it.Going to invest in a good nail polish this time.I been spending a lot buying cheap nail polish that lasts a day.I hate that when that happens.


Sunday blog

¬†Good morning…I am back to love with coffee, it never fails to pick me up all the time ūüôā

¬†didn’t¬†get to workout¬†Saturday¬†morning,so i did it today..No excuses!

Did it in my bedroom.And tomorrow is gonna be a Looong walk early in the morning!

Have a Blessed Sunday!

Hows your weekend?

Mine, was ok, gone nuts trying to figure out how to set-up a WiFi in about 2 days.But other than that..thank god i made it through a stressful times.

Watch Twilight yesterday and i was happy.Had too many people so i had to wait about 1 hour to get to watch it.

 dont get me wrong , Taylor has a sexy physique BUT man R.Pats is delicious..Lol..

 and this is how crazy it was..I LOVED THE MOVE! a must watch.

And of course i had to get my cheat food,i know, i been cheating a lot..

 I forgot the name of this one but it was delicious.

And stopped by at the accessories place and got me a cheap but great looking earrings

¬†cost me less than a dollar each ūüôā

¬†and i got this devil and im grounded from spending..AGAIN..so this is why you¬†shouldn’t¬†bring a woman whose got shoes addiction to the mall..It is trouble!




Fitness Update,OOTD,Addiction and Life Blog

Whoa, this morning was a painful start of my day…I just resigned from my Job, and I¬†didn’t¬†want to.But my workplace is just way to¬†stressful¬†for me.My job as a trainer is not stressful ,the workplace is. Was emotional saying why i was resigning.I think this place¬†isn’t¬†really for me.I need to go and change things.And continue with what i love to do…still,a Fitness Trainer and soon a Nutritionist.

So after a stressful day.I went to the mall and walked around and stress myself some more..haha.

¬†this was¬†today’s¬†Outfit..always keeping it easy and stress free ūüôā

But looking at this shoes,pumps hurts me…My pocket! ūüôā

¬†I just love shoes,its my addiction..And this addiction is not cheap. And now i’m jobless,i wont be able to get some of this things for a while. ūüė¶

So, i did my workout too..I am still on my goal.I lost more weight. Its water weight from supplements.And going au natural is really good.I haven’t been taking Creatine since i started my new program like i used to when i lift weights and no protein shake either because im trying to loose my mass. I¬†couldn’t¬†lift as heavy as i used to but my agility,speed is still the same.And i am ok with that. And i can run for a good distance ūüôā

 Not much definition like the picture  a month ago.I believe that we can shape our bodies,how it should look like,how it will look like.And i am going for it!


For My Treasure

My Life,My childhood,is not gonna be my kid’s life and childhood.



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