Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Bloggers 🙂


Had my a bowl of Spaghetti today and had one too last night..BUT i almost fell off my chair how many calorie a spaghetti has while i was counting my calorie intake for the day..Hahaha..O-M-G.. I dont think im going to eat more of this devilish good stuff today..hehe

Ok,so its holidays but that doesn’t mean we forget what we are aiming for.I have had a good control on my carb intake right now and so as my cravings.And hopefully i can keep it this way…So  dear Body, work with me 🙂

Have a blessed Holidays..From Me to You and your Loved ones

Keep it Healthy 🙂





Sunday Funday



Hi all…Happy Sunday..Spent time with my kids..It was Chaos..But managed it.

By the way..Today was my cheat day..I had one Grande was soo good..Ive been waiting for this all week..But im also proud of  myself today too,the kids wanted Mcdonald’s and I didnt order any..Woohoo..made me happy..And that Frapp is the only cheat that i had..Soo happy.And i been lowering my carb as well..Taking the advice 🙂

And can you find my babies?



Hard to see.Lol..too many kids playing and it scary..Like a jungle..

Anyway i hope all of you are having an amazing weekend..Take care 🙂


For Saturday Training

Hi guys and gal 🙂

Here is my training for Saturday

1,Hang Snatch

2,Push Press

3,Bench Press

4,Pull – Ups (Thats right i can)  🙂

5,Squats Deep

6, Deadlift

5 Sets of 5 reps ..Circuit..Or if i can go for 6 Sets, well see 🙂

This will be the last workout of the week.Im pretty excited to do Hang snatch specially because i haven’t done it. I Love difficult kind of training,i get really excited.

Its weird i have some strength left after a break and no supplements.This really made me happy…So, BIG YAY FOR THE NATURAL LIFTERS 🙂

Hope you guys will try this too 🙂

Lets Train

DSCN4754 Hi all Im Getting ready to work on my Back and Biceps today.Have a great Thursday all

Olay Age Protect Review

OLAY_AGE_PROTECT_ANTI_AGEING_CREAM_18gm_M_1_2x Its Benefits- Lightens Dark Spots, Visibly reduces wrinkles , Improves skin tone , Gives Radiant Younger looking skin.Use within 4 weeks to see results.

Now my skin is Oily and prone to acne.I just gave this a try hoping that it wont break me out.I wanted to see if it would reduce the signs of  wrinkles.

If you live in a hot tropical country  like me.Has oily skin and prone to acne.DON’T use this. My face broke out, and i have only been using this for a little  over 2 weeks.Some may use this for a month to see better results,I cant.Had to stop because my face started getting irritated.

This will be really good for women who has dry skin and not sensitive skin.

The product feels oily, feels soft and a little sticky but it does smells really good.

Too bad, i couldn’t keep using this .So i wont buy this product again.But id recommend this to women who has Normal,Dry skin and not prone to Acne.

And if you are planning on buying this product, start with the small bottle like 18g. and see how you like it.Keeps you from spending or wasting a lot of money 🙂

Hope this helps.Let me know i you have anymore questions regarding this post 🙂

Why Oh why Calories!

12244230206915371_MPtG8LEY_c  Lol..Story of my life..Every time i fall off the wagon..I go back to 1 again..

I never really used to count calories, What id do is eye on my food which i think is good for me BUT as of doing a lot of head breaking research, I realized i have to.Its hard to do all this specially when you have kids and In a budget. I Know a lot of fitness enthusiast out there or just people who want to change their lifestyle have to do this too for a guide line.You have to know how much calorie you’re taking in, in a daily basis.Because this will help you in sooo many things specially your goal.YOU WATCH WHAT YOU EAT. You have to.You also have to know what or how many calorie intake suits your goal.For Example with me, My goal is to loose fat. Im going to calculate the calorie intake i should be taking to be able to get to my theres difference in different goal, And this gave me a headache just thinking about it..

Hard thing is everything that you do will affect your body,your kingdom.So better make sure that doing these things will have the positive benefits for you In and Out.

So, I am back to writing my food journal. And I will have to be honest with what i write down.I used to do this too before but never really understood the importance of knowing the calorie intake.

My Body fat Percent as of December 19 2012 is ( 20.1 %)

BMI is (18.6 kg m/2)

Waist to Height ratio (0.47)

Lean Body Mass (73.5 lbs)

I am on the normal range,and don’t need to loose weight but id like to loose the last few lbs of fat..Headache much.AND You also need to have an end goal so you will work hard for this and to stick to the goal. There are soooo many things to touch basis with Calorie Intake but im having a headache right now..LOL.Not easy when the Kids are driving me nuts at the same time..Ahh the joy of motherhood.Will be re-continuing about this post again

If you guys need to share something some pointers, You guys can comment below,Id love to hear what you guys think and will read them and will reply back and Share thoughts 🙂

New Gym and Monday Legs Training

155303887120434257_ARFYstae_c Dont just this want to make you go train hard?

So this afternoon after dropping off the Kids to my sister, I found a new gym.Not expensive just right and great equipments. I got so excited with the new gym and today i started lifting again..I was so excited, i have missed lifting weights.And i am feeling that amazing burn in my glutes..I love it..

I trained legs today..And will be training my legs Monday and Wednesday as my legs is what i wanted to build. Ill be training 6 times a week.

Heres what my training today  looks like

Barbell Squats Deep – 3x 12 reps

Barbell Deadlift – 3x 12 reps

Single Leg Deadlift – 3x 10 reps

Smith Machine Lunge – 3x 12 reps

Plie Squat – 3x 12 reps

Cable glute Kickback – 3x 12 reps

Standing Calf Raise and Donkey Calf Raise – 3x 12 reps each exercise

I will be switching from barbells to dumbbells to cables.

AND i got my loved ones some cards for Christmas, I wanted to make one that has a personal touch but i don’t know what to make that wont hurt the pocket so much 🙂

So i think personal message would be good too 🙂

I hope you will try this workout. 🙂


Happy Weekend :)

132574782751598783_YSoY21Ec_c  There is always a reason to smile AND at the same time Be Thankful for..Have a Blessed weekend..

My Early Christmas Haul

 DSCN4732 Happy weekend all..I can smell Christmas all over Starbucks..Lol..umm umm umm…Its soo good to enjoy life sometimes…Today, i did an early shopping for myself and my kids and nephew..I love shopping but only for this kind of occasion.I did this early because i know its gonna go nuts next week..Im takin advantage of the sales and the time too    🙂


DSCN4729DSCN4730DSCN4731 i didnt get to buy this dress but i thought its sexy, But i had to shop around and see if id like this than the other choices around..So, walked around some more..Im that kind of shopper now..I really have to make my decisions and choices  hard when buying my clothes 🙂

DSCN4750 and I end of buying this super cute Romper..I cant wait to wear em with some Belt and accessories.

DSCN4749 And i love this long sleeves, love to style this with my shorts.. 🙂


And i this i went crazy with my lip products..hehe..Love love this Lip gloss because it changes color when you wear it.

DSCN4740 and Vaseline lip therapy because my lip have been crazy dry and it hurts 😦

DSCN4743DSCN4744DSCN4741 My new Lipstick Revlon in 415 Pink in The Afternoon..Im gonna use the heck out of this..haha

DSCN4745DSCN4746DSCN4747 My fake nails..hehe..Im aiming for that Stiletto nails..woot..

DSCN4748 I also gt this cute necklace..

DSCN4736 And i changed my shampoo to Herbal essence.It smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G..and it did made my hair feels smooth..My hair is damaged and seriously dry by the way..From all the things i did to damage my hair and right now its on therapy.

DSCN4737 and Tresemme Anti hair fall hair is on serious rebellion on me and im spending crap amount of money just to bring it back..

DSCN4751 And these bad boys are my angels..THEY DID HELPED MY HAIR A LOT..I put the Olive oil on the roots of my hair because this helps my hair  not to fall off and helps with growth..And Virgin Coconut oil for the ends of my almost wire kind hair and gosh it has been working like magic..NO SALON TREATMENT..These Two have been my treatment, and i treat my hair twice a week..

DSCN4752 and Im also trying out this Olay Age Protect. Now my face is oily like you can fry eggs on em and thats why my acne loves my face. Reason why i used this is to see how it would work on me.Lets see how it goes in a month and will be posting review about this. 🙂

DSCN4733 and last ones are the kids shirt..How cute are these things..Im kinda Learning football and found these and thought they were super cute.I wish they had my size.. 🙂

So, see you guys in my next will be my training 🙂




To the Victims of the shooting in Connecticut..

To the Victims of the shooting in Connecticut

My prayer goes to the Kids..You are in heaven now,no more pain and fear..And to the families who have lost their loved ones….You are in our prayers.

The schools are supposed to be a safe place for them because we trust our kids in that place not only to learn but also an extension of our homes.

I am a parent too, and i dont know what i would do without them, and Id get my hands on that Killer and God knows what id do to him!

And how many more kids or people will die of a gun because of a lunatic lurking around!!! AND THOSE ARE KIDS…Seriously! They don’t know anything.Innocent Kids…What is wrong with this people.

BRING JUSTICE!!!!!!   Do something about this President Obama.

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