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“If you dont want your heart failling on you, Get off that couch, and make that Heart work,Do Something!”


Train Insane Or Remain the same

Hi all, Filmed another video with one of yesterdays workout..

DSCN4950 and ive got this red dot from my first Hang snatch…Finally done it 🙂

My entire body is in pain But good pain…Im takin my off today from my training back at it again Thursdays and Saturdays 🙂

Had to re-schedule my training scheds and made another change on training routine that will work for my schedule as well..

As from yesterdays post I am traning using the Metabolic Resistance Training and im loving it.I hope you guys find my last pos helpful about the training.I also used to have a bodybuilding account,and it did help me soo much in learning new things. The site provide a lot of helpful information and people are really helfpul too if you need some help regarding training and diet etc.

tumblr_mg8dyjVXvH1r7wbzao1_500 And im also kickin my own butt to drinkin MORE water everyday.We know that this has soooo many benefits for us and its FREE. When i train i do drink water a lot, i do not drink energy drinks like i used to. I want my body to detox the good and healthy way,and i dont think eneyrgy drinks will be good if you are trying to remove bad toxins in your body while you are training right? So yes to Energy Water!

Till the next Post

Training Update # ?

Hi Guys,

Its been a very busy week(s) And i have been slackin off my training 😦

Since im gonna be very busy i decided to research for a great training with a great benefits,that wont take my time or so i wont be slackin off.

Have anybody of you hear about Metabolic Resistance Training?

If you are interested, Read on…

I was going to post photo updates on where i am at now but not for now because  i’ve soo much to do..But i will as soon.

Not slackin on my diet tho..i still do my best to keep eating healthy 🙂 Hope you all are too 🙂

Till the next post


Flu,Allergy and Soup!

Hi All,

Hows everybody dealing with Flu? Almost all the people in the world are experiencing this. Get the Shots! And load up some vitamin C.

Some people dont really know they have a flu.

My Son is also dealing with this too.It sucks because he cant have his Flu shot yet because he has bee caughing and has cold too 😦

Well I did too..For a half day..Thank god i had the shot earlier and my immune system has been pretty strong and been saving me survive the crowd with a lot of people who has been sneezing and coughing.Thank God. But i been dealing with my allergy, something in this cold air makes me sneeze and my eyes itch.Its annoying, Does having a shot for allergy also would be good? Let me know in the comment box.

And today i filmed a video on how to make an easy egg soup.This is good for Breakfast without frying your eggs,snacks for kids with cold or flu. I do this everytime i wanted eggs..Im in love with Eggs.Hope you guys will try this and recreate this if you guys want.


Take care Guys…Be healthy

All Day eerrrrday Glutes

from my old video that i did..Love to train Glutes..Using Hack Squat machine on Reverse 🙂

Thought id share..

Another day grind..

Happy weekend ladies and gents!



Not skipping training even if its Saturday!

Happy Training…


Running makes me Happy……Well,after that :)

First Off,  bloggers that have made a comment on my posts, Just want you to know that i havent really got in to learning more of the things about this site or blog.I seen your posts on my Spam box( yikes)..I need to have time to learn about blogging.Please bare with me.I have been super busy, but i will learn the ins and outs of this blog 🙂 Again sorry guys..


So now on our topic..Yes i did my cardio after my weight training which is Chest and Biceps. I run/jog/walk every other day and walk on the rest of the remaining days of the week…

We dont want to run everyday or something because i dont want to get lazy.I tend to get lazy when i repeatedly do the same routine every day. I mean, who doesnt.In the long run of  doing the same thing you feel blaaahhhh…and forget going to the gym and training.AND Procrastinate…”ill go later”   this is me..hehe..BUT I FIGHT THROUGH THE LAZINESS…I find ways to motivate myself and bribe..hehe..

Walking is very good for you, its relaxing,seriously..if you are stressed out,had a fight with your loved ones,boss will help you think better.It releases that tension.I do this a lot when im stressed out.

But if you are in a serious business like loosing that annoying fat that you cant get rid of….Combine weight training and cardio..You dont have to lift like Arnold schwarzenegger 🙂 pick a weight enough to challenge you not strain you..Train Smart! And after that, Try interval running.We are not a sprinter and marathoner BUT we all know they Train to get to where they are now.

So start with 10 Mintues..1 minute run/jog and 30secs walk..Remember to warm up and stretch.If this is too easy build your time up and your speed.

Image0571 and seeing this really makes me happy that  made it through 35mintues without giving up..hehe.

Hope you guys liked this post..Till the next one

Im on youtube!


My VLOG workin on my legs 🙂

i tried to make videos but i tend to shy out when people stare at me when im talking to a camera and plus i still dont know how to edit..Must learn,if i want to keep on making videos.. Well see how long this will last..hehe

Pyramid Triangle Lower Body Routine

Hello guys and gals..

Update on my training..I am 3rd week out..woohoo..i still trained even on holidays. And will be posting pics soon! well after 6th week. I have missed some days but i wasnt off on my eating.I made sure that i eat right and have that right amount of calorie intake on those days i didnt train.

and id like you guys to watch Mike Chang’s  SIXPACKSHORTCUTS on youtube.Where he is talking about CAN MUSCLE TURN TO FAT IF YOU STOP EXERCISING.It also tells you about calorie and diet together.


So Monday Im Training lower body part..of course its my favorite and Ill be using the Pyramid triangle method..You guys can give this a try,if you want to 🙂


20LBS – 15X

25LBS – 10X

30LBS- 8X

25LBS- 10X



10LBS- 20X

15LBS- 10X




























Lets Feel that Burnnn on that bootaaayy!

Try to keep Routines different to avoid boredom and not seeing results..Hope you guys like todays post! Till the nex one 🙂

Hi All..

DSCN4805 HI!!!!!! AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! …hows every body doing? Me, I have been soo busy this 2013 already..and I see that a lot of people have already been talking about  they’re resoulutions.Do you guys have made a resolution too? Eh, i not going to lie to myself..haha..If you think you need to change something, do it!  Im a big procrastinator, so doing  something will take time :D.

We are all different,some people actually make the resolutions happened and some just say PHACK IT! and like me..if i put my mind to making it happened!  But seriously,im still on a training to fight procrastinating and i think im getting better!

AND I see that the top of the list of the resolutioners is Getting into Fitness..Ahem! I was in the gym today..most are guys BUT instead of them training and getting fit and healthy half of the guy in my gym is watching tv and the other is chit chatting..i thought only women do that!  My god..they could talk for hours too!

Well there  goes the time,the money you paid for the gym..and hello to being unhealthy..and they’re probably gonna be doing the same thing,look the same till the end of the year.And will still be the same just like the last years..

Well i hope all of you out there have been making your health your priority.

Dont make this as one of the resolution, that lasts a week or a month.Choose the change in lifestyle. Its for you anyways,your body,your Life!

have  a blessed day all!




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