Sunday Funday



Hi all…Happy Sunday..Spent time with my kids..It was Chaos..But managed it.

By the way..Today was my cheat day..I had one Grande was soo good..Ive been waiting for this all week..But im also proud of  myself today too,the kids wanted Mcdonald’s and I didnt order any..Woohoo..made me happy..And that Frapp is the only cheat that i had..Soo happy.And i been lowering my carb as well..Taking the advice 🙂

And can you find my babies?



Hard to see.Lol..too many kids playing and it scary..Like a jungle..

Anyway i hope all of you are having an amazing weekend..Take care 🙂



Lets Train

DSCN4754 Hi all Im Getting ready to work on my Back and Biceps today.Have a great Thursday all

My Early Christmas Haul

 DSCN4732 Happy weekend all..I can smell Christmas all over Starbucks..Lol..umm umm umm…Its soo good to enjoy life sometimes…Today, i did an early shopping for myself and my kids and nephew..I love shopping but only for this kind of occasion.I did this early because i know its gonna go nuts next week..Im takin advantage of the sales and the time too    🙂


DSCN4729DSCN4730DSCN4731 i didnt get to buy this dress but i thought its sexy, But i had to shop around and see if id like this than the other choices around..So, walked around some more..Im that kind of shopper now..I really have to make my decisions and choices  hard when buying my clothes 🙂

DSCN4750 and I end of buying this super cute Romper..I cant wait to wear em with some Belt and accessories.

DSCN4749 And i love this long sleeves, love to style this with my shorts.. 🙂


And i this i went crazy with my lip products..hehe..Love love this Lip gloss because it changes color when you wear it.

DSCN4740 and Vaseline lip therapy because my lip have been crazy dry and it hurts 😦

DSCN4743DSCN4744DSCN4741 My new Lipstick Revlon in 415 Pink in The Afternoon..Im gonna use the heck out of this..haha

DSCN4745DSCN4746DSCN4747 My fake nails..hehe..Im aiming for that Stiletto nails..woot..

DSCN4748 I also gt this cute necklace..

DSCN4736 And i changed my shampoo to Herbal essence.It smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G..and it did made my hair feels smooth..My hair is damaged and seriously dry by the way..From all the things i did to damage my hair and right now its on therapy.

DSCN4737 and Tresemme Anti hair fall hair is on serious rebellion on me and im spending crap amount of money just to bring it back..

DSCN4751 And these bad boys are my angels..THEY DID HELPED MY HAIR A LOT..I put the Olive oil on the roots of my hair because this helps my hair  not to fall off and helps with growth..And Virgin Coconut oil for the ends of my almost wire kind hair and gosh it has been working like magic..NO SALON TREATMENT..These Two have been my treatment, and i treat my hair twice a week..

DSCN4752 and Im also trying out this Olay Age Protect. Now my face is oily like you can fry eggs on em and thats why my acne loves my face. Reason why i used this is to see how it would work on me.Lets see how it goes in a month and will be posting review about this. 🙂

DSCN4733 and last ones are the kids shirt..How cute are these things..Im kinda Learning football and found these and thought they were super cute.I wish they had my size.. 🙂

So, see you guys in my next will be my training 🙂




Food and Nails :)

 Hi all,

todays Lunch and Dinner

Stir fry cabbage with Chicken breast..lunch served with.Brown rice and Sriracha with it 🙂

I loved  the spiciness of  Sriracha with  my veggies..I always cook that will be good for lunch and dinner,saves me time 🙂 and  i don’t over eat.Kinda like a secret to measuring my meals in a day.

 My Rimmel Lasting Finish PRO nail polish up to 10 days..Im kickin my butt for not buying more colors cus they do last and it doesn’t chip.

This is actually 2 years old and its still just like when i first bought it.Going to invest in a good nail polish this time.I been spending a lot buying cheap nail polish that lasts a day.I hate that when that happens.


Hows your weekend?

Mine, was ok, gone nuts trying to figure out how to set-up a WiFi in about 2 days.But other than that..thank god i made it through a stressful times.

Watch Twilight yesterday and i was happy.Had too many people so i had to wait about 1 hour to get to watch it.

 dont get me wrong , Taylor has a sexy physique BUT man R.Pats is delicious..Lol..

 and this is how crazy it was..I LOVED THE MOVE! a must watch.

And of course i had to get my cheat food,i know, i been cheating a lot..

 I forgot the name of this one but it was delicious.

And stopped by at the accessories place and got me a cheap but great looking earrings

 cost me less than a dollar each 🙂

 and i got this devil and im grounded from this is why you shouldn’t bring a woman whose got shoes addiction to the mall..It is trouble!




Fitness Update,OOTD,Addiction and Life Blog

Whoa, this morning was a painful start of my day…I just resigned from my Job, and I didn’t want to.But my workplace is just way to stressful for me.My job as a trainer is not stressful ,the workplace is. Was emotional saying why i was resigning.I think this place isn’t really for me.I need to go and change things.And continue with what i love to do…still,a Fitness Trainer and soon a Nutritionist.

So after a stressful day.I went to the mall and walked around and stress myself some more..haha.

 this was today’s Outfit..always keeping it easy and stress free 🙂

But looking at this shoes,pumps hurts me…My pocket! 🙂

 I just love shoes,its my addiction..And this addiction is not cheap. And now i’m jobless,i wont be able to get some of this things for a while. 😦

So, i did my workout too..I am still on my goal.I lost more weight. Its water weight from supplements.And going au natural is really good.I haven’t been taking Creatine since i started my new program like i used to when i lift weights and no protein shake either because im trying to loose my mass. I couldn’t lift as heavy as i used to but my agility,speed is still the same.And i am ok with that. And i can run for a good distance 🙂

 Not much definition like the picture  a month ago.I believe that we can shape our bodies,how it should look like,how it will look like.And i am going for it!


My weekend :)

So,today i get to sleep late AND eat what i want to eat! YAY! .Did go to the church today too.Went to the mall and got me some new heels

 and i love it..its not as high like my other heels..You know Im a shorty,gotta have some heels always.I think this is 3 or 4 inch heels.They’re just perfect for walking around the mall and stuff.But i still need to get me some heels like this ones but without the straps.Well, we can never have enough shoes or heels right?.I have a lot of heels but usually i can only use them at night or if really have to go to some nice occasions that i have to play dress up.

and this was i was wearing today with this heels

 fresh out of the shower.So i seen someone did a boyfriend top and jeans kind of look and its where i got this idea.Where everything is loose.I never really used to wear big clothings because they made me look short and obviously didn’t know how to style and rock them by then..Thank god to fashion style blogs…

And i didnt really put a lot of make up just my eyebrows of course 🙂 , my mascara,blush and a loose powder and im good to go.And my contacts cus im blind 🙂

 and yes i love my flaws, acne’s and all.They are there, might as well rock it..haha.

I did went and watch some Movie too.I watched Skyfall and im sorry 007, you are hot and all but the movie got me seriously bored.I expected it to be exciting like the old James bond movies but yeah.I didn’t like it.

I’ve always picked bad movies, so from now on im reading reviews about movies so i don’t end up disappointing myself.

And also about my cheat day which is today, I thought i was gonna be going crazy out today,splurge on those yummy bad foods but surprisingly i wasn’t hungry for anything.I did had some pop corn and water at the movies and some shake thing.I guess i wasn’t having that bad craving today and i hope the cravings stays away for good.

So thats it for today..time for my books and pass out..Have a great day/night Bloggers…

OOTD AND Nutella

 another ootd..Flowy white top,i love it cus its nice on a hot day.. And im just craving for sweets..Oh my gosh i must try Nutella soon..

Recreated a look

 another mirror pic, this was when we were heading to SBMA..i love shorts..

Another OOTD..And a thank you

  Today was church day and decided id wear this dress.I love em…Im starting to have the “eyes for fashion” and i have to say thank you for those who have been liking my posts.I get really excited and inspired to post more,well not just this but will be posting things that is important,one that would be really worth taking a look at my Blog page.Thank you

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