Grocery shopping and finding Tim Tam

 TIM TAMS!!!!! i was soo happy i found these bad boys..i been watching youtube blogs about this, they said they were really good. i didn’t know so i cant relate.haha.

Thank god they had the little 4 pcs. pack soooo i bought one,and actually i just got done eating them and Ohh mahhh gaawwd..i loved them..BUT i can’t have them like everyday because they are really sweet. So maybe ill have them on my Cheat day once in a while 🙂

And now i know whats that talk about these sweet thing…

 my favorite isle i the market. All the organic stuff i could find

 gahh,, soo expensive BUT i will get you one day..I must try you!

 I love these ones..but i wanted to try the thai curry paste

 These ones are so convenient. If you are in a budget or in a hurry..I love them cus i dont have to put anything on my oatmeal and i can take it to work with me

 I wanted a cracker that would go with my tea so i found this ones, and its a multi grain..Got my Organic tea of Moroccan Mint,must try,i don’t know how this taste like thats why i bought it..Im a tea addict..i wish i could go to Japan and just try all of the Teas they have..



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