My New Training and Fatloss Plan

1.) Reduce Calories Gradually – Making smaller calorie reductions every week or Two

2.) Vary Caloric Intake – Example, Monday High Cal. Tuesday Low Cal.

3.) Train with weights – Example, Full body twice a week. Ill be training my legs at                                      least twice a week.

4.) Do HIIT – Better results in less time.this will be 4x a week.

5.) Eat More Fat – Omega 3’s ,fish,nuts,peanut butter,olive oil,egg yolk,fish oils.

6.) Cut Carbs- Consume most carbs in the morning and around workouts.

7.) Increase Protein

8.) Eat Smaller meals per day- eating every 3 to 4 hours a day 4 to 5 times a day.



My bad Cravings…

So, it has been a month of trying to loose my muscle mass.Have been doing cardio a lot and lower down my weight training.

My strength has decreased since i haven’t been lifting as hard as i used to and i don’t take any supplements like i sued to.

Now, i am back on writing down what i eat.Yes another food journal to see how my eating habit is.

And the fast couple days,i couldn’t stop myself on eating junk and crappy foods.

The stuff that i used to not eat,Now i am eating.I feel powerless and have not that strength to say no.What happened to me?

As i was writing on my food journal,i been rereading them and Oh my goodness, i’ve had to many cheat food,well not cheat foods but really bad bad foods this days.

This is not good for me. Im loosing control over myself of controlling what im supposed to eat..

When i eat something, i couldn’t really tell the taste of what im eating.

Like i had a sundae ice cream  last Sunday, and i couldn’t taste the sundae.But i know how it should taste like but my tongue is not satisfied and couldn’t taste anything.What is wrong with my tongue?

And i dont want to end up being skinny fat.sheeesshh

So now, i think my purpose would be back to rechecking my diet again.

And see what im doing wrong, because this cravings is seriously scaring me.

Carpe Diem

June 2018
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