My Fitness Journey

 2010 till 2011

 My arms was gettin better,Abs are comin too

 this was the start of serious training.. only cardio and no weight training this was 2010

 My progress and still going to change

 Oh yeahh gettin muscular 🙂

 result of serious Diet and a Hard a** training regimen 🙂

 And I made it..

I was training for 3 years..But the first year was not as good as i did the next coming years..I did a lot of research and tried a lot of training program,eating habits to get to this.Eating healthy and clean is the hardest.And everything is really a pure hard work.I did take supplements like Creatine and an Enegry booster called  TnT and another  one called Super Pump max of Gaspari Nutrition,and I also of course used Whey Protein ON.  BUT now i wanted to change this..I was really muscular.My upper is seriously built and so as even more,My legs…And im trying to build my body the serious natural way..The Healthy eating kind of way,no supplements, Just food and of course my multivitamins..Just be Fit and be Healthy, and this means ill be doing a lot of cardiovascular work now, because back then my cardio was not a priority when i was building muscles.And by the way I am a Mother of 3 beautiful Kids. 🙂

So now the goal is Loosing my Muscles, I know some wont like this, well im not loosing all of my hard earned muscles..Im keeping some of my legs because they are amazing in heels 🙂 and my glutes are better than my used to be small and flat booty..

I just need to trim down my Upper Body.

As of now i am on the search of what best program i could do.

Its gonna be another Hard work..and for sure, I know it will pay off!


Carpe Diem

July 2018
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