Why Oh why Calories!

12244230206915371_MPtG8LEY_c  Lol..Story of my life..Every time i fall off the wagon..I go back to 1 again..

I never really used to count calories, What id do is eye on my food which i think is good for me BUT as of doing a lot of head breaking research, I realized i have to.Its hard to do all this specially when you have kids and In a budget. I Know a lot of fitness enthusiast out there or just people who want to change their lifestyle have to do this too for a guide line.You have to know how much calorie you’re taking in, in a daily basis.Because this will help you in sooo many things specially your goal.YOU WATCH WHAT YOU EAT. You have to.You also have to know what or how many calorie intake suits your goal.For Example with me, My goal is to loose fat. Im going to calculate the calorie intake i should be taking to be able to get to my goal..so theres difference in different goal, And this gave me a headache just thinking about it..

Hard thing is everything that you do will affect your body,your kingdom.So better make sure that doing these things will have the positive benefits for you In and Out.

So, I am back to writing my food journal. And I will have to be honest with what i write down.I used to do this too before but never really understood the importance of knowing the calorie intake.

My Body fat Percent as of December 19 2012 is ( 20.1 %)

BMI is (18.6 kg m/2)

Waist to Height ratio (0.47)

Lean Body Mass (73.5 lbs)

I am on the normal range,and don’t need to loose weight but id like to loose the last few lbs of fat..Headache much.AND You also need to have an end goal so you will work hard for this and to stick to the goal. There are soooo many things to touch basis with Calorie Intake but im having a headache right now..LOL.Not easy when the Kids are driving me nuts at the same time..Ahh the joy of motherhood.Will be re-continuing about this post again

If you guys need to share something some pointers, You guys can comment below,Id love to hear what you guys think and will read them and will reply back and Share thoughts 🙂


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