Hows your Training :) ?

DSCN4703DSCN4710 this was mine today? I earned my shower….of sweat! Todays workout Fitness 600 rep of Zuzana..And this was the first time doing it.My upper body was shaking when i took the picture..I love it.You can try the workout if you guys haven’t seen this yet

Its free and you can do it in your home.

I also made my training calendar for this Month and also my diet.I am going to be carb cycling and see how this would help my hormone. 🙂

DSCN4699 Its up and its my motivation to get my butt up and train..Hope you all have a great one..Take care 🙂



My New Training and Fatloss Plan

1.) Reduce Calories Gradually – Making smaller calorie reductions every week or Two

2.) Vary Caloric Intake – Example, Monday High Cal. Tuesday Low Cal.

3.) Train with weights – Example, Full body twice a week. Ill be training my legs at                                      least twice a week.

4.) Do HIIT – Better results in less time.this will be 4x a week.

5.) Eat More Fat – Omega 3’s ,fish,nuts,peanut butter,olive oil,egg yolk,fish oils.

6.) Cut Carbs- Consume most carbs in the morning and around workouts.

7.) Increase Protein

8.) Eat Smaller meals per day- eating every 3 to 4 hours a day 4 to 5 times a day.


Carpe Diem

March 2018
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