Running makes me Happy……Well,after that :)

First Off, ¬†bloggers that have made a comment on my posts, Just want you to know that i havent really got in to learning more of the things about this site or blog.I seen your posts on my Spam box( yikes)..I need to have time to learn about blogging.Please bare with me.I have been super busy, but i will learn the ins and outs of this blog ūüôā Again sorry guys..


So now on our topic..Yes i did my cardio after my weight training which is Chest and Biceps. I run/jog/walk every other day and walk on the rest of the remaining days of the week…

We dont want to run everyday or something because i dont want to get lazy.I tend to get lazy when i repeatedly do the same routine every day. I mean, who doesnt.In the long run of ¬†doing the same thing you feel blaaahhhh…and forget going to the gym and training.AND Procrastinate…”ill go later” ¬† this is me..hehe..BUT I FIGHT THROUGH THE LAZINESS…I find ways to motivate myself and bribe..hehe..

Walking is very good for you, its relaxing,seriously..if you are stressed out,had a fight with your loved ones,boss will help you think better.It releases that tension.I do this a lot when im stressed out.

But if you are in a serious business like loosing that annoying fat that you cant get rid of….Combine weight training and cardio..You dont have to lift like Arnold schwarzenegger ūüôā pick a weight enough to challenge you not strain you..Train Smart! And after that, Try interval running.We are not a sprinter and marathoner BUT we all know they Train to get to where they are now.

So start with 10 Mintues..1 minute run/jog and 30secs walk..Remember to warm up and stretch.If this is too easy build your time up and your speed.

Image0571 and seeing this really makes me happy that  made it through 35mintues without giving up..hehe.

Hope you guys liked this post..Till the next one


Fitness Update,OOTD,Addiction and Life Blog

Whoa, this morning was a painful start of my day…I just resigned from my Job, and I¬†didn’t¬†want to.But my workplace is just way to¬†stressful¬†for me.My job as a trainer is not stressful ,the workplace is. Was emotional saying why i was resigning.I think this place¬†isn’t¬†really for me.I need to go and change things.And continue with what i love to do…still,a Fitness Trainer and soon a Nutritionist.

So after a stressful day.I went to the mall and walked around and stress myself some more..haha.

¬†this was¬†today’s¬†Outfit..always keeping it easy and stress free ūüôā

But looking at this shoes,pumps hurts me…My pocket! ūüôā

¬†I just love shoes,its my addiction..And this addiction is not cheap. And now i’m jobless,i wont be able to get some of this things for a while. ūüė¶

So, i did my workout too..I am still on my goal.I lost more weight. Its water weight from supplements.And going au natural is really good.I haven’t been taking Creatine since i started my new program like i used to when i lift weights and no protein shake either because im trying to loose my mass. I¬†couldn’t¬†lift as heavy as i used to but my agility,speed is still the same.And i am ok with that. And i can run for a good distance ūüôā

 Not much definition like the picture  a month ago.I believe that we can shape our bodies,how it should look like,how it will look like.And i am going for it!


3rd Week Progress already

So im only 3rd week and not even out But i am already seeing result..I lost some of the bulk/muscle that i have..I have already lift weights but lighter than i used to lift and little reps and sets.Pretty happy with the  result. and today, i was in the mood to do Jump ropes. So i did 30 of 1 minutes, listening to my music, my calves were a bit tired after that But i guess that mood lasted for another 30 and i walked for another 30 minutes. i also did my ab workout and core..And i posted it in my Youtube channel..

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