Bulk time?

Hi all,

another update…So on the past posts i said im giving up some of my muscles..Well i did that and my muscles went away and so as my butt..LOL..

So now, pants are loose..ughhhh.

Now, I decided..I have to do this the right way…Get this booty on work.

Bulking..People i used to work with told me to do this before but wasnt really paying attention.hehe..Now im going to do this from scratch..well be learning the hard way..Weighted myself Mar 01 2013 91.8 lbs…My goal is to get 10 lbs higher to get muscles.Think of bulkign for 2months and see what happeneds..I know this will be hard as we know fat is around the corner of bulking.We gotta EAT! ..and I am EXCITED..FOOD…Lol..i love food..but this doesnt mean eat the crappy one..418823_221790877960174_1194004448_n Doesn’t this look good.Greek Yogurt and berries for my post workout..

Id like to hear Advice from all of you about bulking,i would really appreciate it.

Time to prepare food 🙂

Till the next one..


Healthy Lunch

559832_218420811630514_71224147_n Had a big breakfast this morning..So, this is the choice for lunch..Healthy-ish Spinach tomato and ranch 🙂  i love ranch..

and i am still full from breakfast but i dont want to skip meals and i think this is the best choice and easy and quick to make 🙂

Have a great day all…

Eat well 🙂

Flu,Allergy and Soup!

Hi All,

Hows everybody dealing with Flu? Almost all the people in the world are experiencing this. Get the Shots! And load up some vitamin C.

Some people dont really know they have a flu.

My Son is also dealing with this too.It sucks because he cant have his Flu shot yet because he has bee caughing and has cold too 😦

Well I did too..For a half day..Thank god i had the shot earlier and my immune system has been pretty strong and been saving me survive the crowd with a lot of people who has been sneezing and coughing.Thank God. But i been dealing with my allergy, something in this cold air makes me sneeze and my eyes itch.Its annoying, Does having a shot for allergy also would be good? Let me know in the comment box.

And today i filmed a video on how to make an easy egg soup.This is good for Breakfast without frying your eggs,snacks for kids with cold or flu. I do this everytime i wanted eggs..Im in love with Eggs.Hope you guys will try this and recreate this if you guys want.


Take care Guys…Be healthy


DSCN4694 Today’s snack Celery,apple, sugar beets, cucumber and carrots..Simple and easy to make juice..


DSCN4698 taste soooo good too..Try it

My Day..

Hi all,

Today i did a circuit training of upper body which is combined Push Pull,Shoulders and Arms and it took me 50 minutes with 30 secs break..I like it..and it was really sweaty..Im lovin circuit training’s  its intense and doesn’t take me forever to get done and plus its only 2 sets of 12-15 Reps.

Had my 2 eggs and of course the Coffee..Im addicted!

Made my juice today too..I forgot to get celery but i think this was ok. My snack…

1 Apple, 1 cucumber and 2 carrots.and a spoon of Honey.

I used my juicer for carrots and cucumber and blender my apple.Its easy fast and cheap..Sometimes when u just feel like u need to drink healthy juice..go for a quick one:)

Doesn’t have to be all expensive and extravagant to start the healthy habit.Try going with what you can afford for now.

And tomorrow  I will be running for 45 min. or so,i wish i can have some one take pics or videos…Hmmm…soon

Food and Nails :)

 Hi all,

todays Lunch and Dinner

Stir fry cabbage with Chicken breast..lunch served with.Brown rice and Sriracha with it 🙂

I loved  the spiciness of  Sriracha with  my veggies..I always cook that will be good for lunch and dinner,saves me time 🙂 and  i don’t over eat.Kinda like a secret to measuring my meals in a day.

 My Rimmel Lasting Finish PRO nail polish up to 10 days..Im kickin my butt for not buying more colors cus they do last and it doesn’t chip.

This is actually 2 years old and its still just like when i first bought it.Going to invest in a good nail polish this time.I been spending a lot buying cheap nail polish that lasts a day.I hate that when that happens.


My bad Cravings…

So, it has been a month of trying to loose my muscle mass.Have been doing cardio a lot and lower down my weight training.

My strength has decreased since i haven’t been lifting as hard as i used to and i don’t take any supplements like i sued to.

Now, i am back on writing down what i eat.Yes another food journal to see how my eating habit is.

And the fast couple days,i couldn’t stop myself on eating junk and crappy foods.

The stuff that i used to not eat,Now i am eating.I feel powerless and have not that strength to say no.What happened to me?

As i was writing on my food journal,i been rereading them and Oh my goodness, i’ve had to many cheat food,well not cheat foods but really bad bad foods this days.

This is not good for me. Im loosing control over myself of controlling what im supposed to eat..

When i eat something, i couldn’t really tell the taste of what im eating.

Like i had a sundae ice cream  last Sunday, and i couldn’t taste the sundae.But i know how it should taste like but my tongue is not satisfied and couldn’t taste anything.What is wrong with my tongue?

And i dont want to end up being skinny fat.sheeesshh

So now, i think my purpose would be back to rechecking my diet again.

And see what im doing wrong, because this cravings is seriously scaring me.

My version of vegan Minestrone

 My lunch today..i didnt want to eat anything big..and i was hungry for nice and hot soup so i figured id make my own minestrone without the beef..And with the Help of Hunts diced tomato with some spices on it..It was the best! And i made so many that it will probably last me 2 days, not sure, cus im thinking of having some every 3 hours..haha..its that good this soup is.This will be my Halloween day..

Happy Halloween all.

Tonights menu..

 Shitake mushroom, Broccoli, tomatoes and flavored with cumin,sriracha and magic sarap (Filipino seasoning) Yuumm..my dinner!

Grocery shopping and finding Tim Tam

 TIM TAMS!!!!! i was soo happy i found these bad boys..i been watching youtube blogs about this, they said they were really good. i didn’t know so i cant relate.haha.

Thank god they had the little 4 pcs. pack soooo i bought one,and actually i just got done eating them and Ohh mahhh gaawwd..i loved them..BUT i can’t have them like everyday because they are really sweet. So maybe ill have them on my Cheat day once in a while 🙂

And now i know whats that talk about these sweet thing…

 my favorite isle i the market. All the organic stuff i could find

 gahh,, soo expensive BUT i will get you one day..I must try you!

 I love these ones..but i wanted to try the thai curry paste

 These ones are so convenient. If you are in a budget or in a hurry..I love them cus i dont have to put anything on my oatmeal and i can take it to work with me

 I wanted a cracker that would go with my tea so i found this ones, and its a multi grain..Got my Organic tea of Moroccan Mint,must try,i don’t know how this taste like thats why i bought it..Im a tea addict..i wish i could go to Japan and just try all of the Teas they have..


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