My version of vegan Minestrone

 My lunch today..i didnt want to eat anything big..and i was hungry for nice and hot soup so i figured id make my own minestrone without the beef..And with the Help of Hunts diced tomato with some spices on it..It was the best! And i made so many that it will probably last me 2 days, not sure, cus im thinking of having some every 3 hours..haha..its that good this soup is.This will be my Halloween day..

Happy Halloween all.


My Lunch today

 This was todays lunch, cream dory is a big sized fish so i put away the other half for dinner..i know the greens are missing in this picture..i didn’t get to buy my greens this morning.And for me,its a must to have greens in my plate 😦

so i bought some today..was in  a market.Will be making Curry veggies. and will be posting picture soon 🙂

Baby steps

Hi all,

My name is Dace,

Im a mom, I am a fitness trainer and i love the healthy eating lifestye..

In here id like to show the world about my love for  fitness and Health.

I have so much to learn about blogging..

And i will be posting pictures too and see how this journey goes.

Carpe Diem

June 2018
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