My weekend :)

So,today i get to sleep late AND eat what i want to eat! YAY! .Did go to the church today too.Went to the mall and got me some new heels

 and i love it..its not as high like my other heels..You know Im a shorty,gotta have some heels always.I think this is 3 or 4 inch heels.They’re just perfect for walking around the mall and stuff.But i still need to get me some heels like this ones but without the straps.Well, we can never have enough shoes or heels right?.I have a lot of heels but usually i can only use them at night or if really have to go to some nice occasions that i have to play dress up.

and this was i was wearing today with this heels

 fresh out of the shower.So i seen someone did a boyfriend top and jeans kind of look and its where i got this idea.Where everything is loose.I never really used to wear big clothings because they made me look short and obviously didn’t know how to style and rock them by then..Thank god to fashion style blogs…

And i didnt really put a lot of make up just my eyebrows of course 🙂 , my mascara,blush and a loose powder and im good to go.And my contacts cus im blind 🙂

 and yes i love my flaws, acne’s and all.They are there, might as well rock it..haha.

I did went and watch some Movie too.I watched Skyfall and im sorry 007, you are hot and all but the movie got me seriously bored.I expected it to be exciting like the old James bond movies but yeah.I didn’t like it.

I’ve always picked bad movies, so from now on im reading reviews about movies so i don’t end up disappointing myself.

And also about my cheat day which is today, I thought i was gonna be going crazy out today,splurge on those yummy bad foods but surprisingly i wasn’t hungry for anything.I did had some pop corn and water at the movies and some shake thing.I guess i wasn’t having that bad craving today and i hope the cravings stays away for good.

So thats it for today..time for my books and pass out..Have a great day/night Bloggers…


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