Sunday Funday



Hi all…Happy Sunday..Spent time with my kids..It was Chaos..But managed it.

By the way..Today was my cheat day..I had one Grande was soo good..Ive been waiting for this all week..But im also proud of ¬†myself today too,the kids wanted Mcdonald’s and I didnt order any..Woohoo..made me happy..And that Frapp is the only cheat that i had..Soo happy.And i been lowering my carb as well..Taking the advice ūüôā

And can you find my babies?



Hard to see.Lol..too many kids playing and it scary..Like a jungle..

Anyway i hope all of you are having an amazing weekend..Take care ūüôā



To the Victims of the shooting in Connecticut..

To the Victims of the shooting in Connecticut

My prayer goes to the Kids..You are in heaven now,no more pain and fear..And to the families who have lost their loved ones….You are in our prayers.

The schools are supposed to be a safe place for them because we trust our kids in that place not only to learn but also an extension of our homes.

I am a parent too, and i dont know what i would do without them, and Id get my hands on that Killer and God knows what id do to him!

And how many more kids or people will die of a gun because of a lunatic lurking around!!! AND THOSE ARE KIDS…Seriously! They don’t know anything.Innocent Kids…What is wrong with this people.

BRING JUSTICE!!!!!!   Do something about this President Obama.

Dealing with Skin Asthma..

When i was a kid..i also had to deal with Asthma and allergies..Back then, there was no medicine,and being in a province everything is far.And¬†there’s¬†no clinics or hospital around.Id dealt with many sleepless night and hard time breathing,coughing for 3 years or so.And it just went away when ¬†i moved back in the city and in¬†High school.And i became more active.I love to run and surprisingly i¬†didn’t¬†have any symptoms or¬†signs¬†of¬†asthma coming back,¬†except for allergies. I get¬†allergies¬†at the month of May and November.Those are the times i noticed id have itchy throat,coughing for no reason and itchy eyes..

Two of my sisters¬†didn’t¬†have asthma like i did, they had skin asthma.They had to have their hair cut really short..and dust and i think grass,dirt gives this skin a reaction and it will go all over their head or the body.I had some of this on my legs before but it goes away fast..Thank god i¬†didn’t¬†have to deal with going bald.

Now my 2nd daughter is dealing with skin asthma i think for almost a month now.Her hair had to be cut really short.And the allergies  goes away and comes back.I think its the place or area that we live in.Also in the mountains,trees, bugs etc.And my father adopted a dog.Which i think made her asthma even worse.So,she was brought to the hospital a lot of times,my father freaks out and it drives me nuts! Every move,the kid had to be taken to a hospital.I hate it.You spend more on check ups and meds and your kid is not getting any better,its frustrating!

So finally, i decided that ill take care of this issue.Its been 3 days of me treating her and shes already healing..Fast!

I did a lot of research about skin asthma.And thank god i found moms like me who deals with the same problems with their kids in this site.It was a prayer answered.Its funny because the post was 2011.Thank god its still there..And thank you for posting.It was really helpful

I did bought a Glycerine soap.And Glycerine pure which i put in her water when she showers.I also bought Betadine and Hydrogen peroxide to clean the wounds.I also used Amoxicillin but only 3 times now,i think that will it,as i didnt want her taking more meds. The second day,some of the reactions went away.Her legs and arms are getting better. Third day,she dealt with¬†serious¬†itch though.We both¬†didn’t¬†get to sleep all night because she was just itching bad. Probably a sign that the wounds in her head was healing.Today is the fourth day,and shes not itching anymore.I brought some coconut this morning and took the juice of the coconut and pour it on her head in the shower.Then washed with some glycerine on the water and used glycerine soap to clean out the skin.

Coconut juice was a lot of help when we were kids.And i remembered my grand parents using that to us when we were kids when we get this allergies and insect bites/mosquito bites..Don’t know how but it really worked for us.And i know coconut oil or juice has a lot of benefits and i¬†believe¬†it.

Im also feeding her good foods,good diet to get her defenses back and i even made her raw juice twice now and shes liking it.  And a good thing that they love veggies..

Now shes healing,now i know what to do if this allergies comes back again and but i do pray that this¬†doesn’t¬†come back.Its really hard seeing kids having to deal with this skin problems..

Again thanks for the post about Glycerine, it had helped my daughter.Thank you so much..

And i am not a doctor, I am a mom that will do what she can to make her kids better and sleep good at night.

If you guys need help,, ask me, ill do the best that i can to help also.

The best cure for Skin Asthma

The best cure for Skin Asthma.

My Kids Has asthma and been to the docs a lot..It always good to know alternative when things sometimes just wont work.

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