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#bellafalconi_fitness – One of the greatest things I’ve learned from the fitness lifestyle is: hard work does pay off! It’s not that you are going to put a lot of effort towards something in vain. You do get results, but…. You gotta be patient, consistent, and above all, eat super clean! Nothing worth having comes free. Like I always say, success won’t knock on your door and say: “oh hi! Here’s my gift for you, open the box and you’ll get your so wanted six pack!” That won’t happen, like for real…never! If you want something, work for it, put your heart and soul into it. Don’t take anything for granted. Be grateful for all good things you have accomplished so far instead of complaining your body isn’t changing. It is, but visible changes do take time. What will make you a winer is your patience to wait without quitting. Quitting is not an option; make yourself proud, be your own hero!

What she said is motivating not only in fitness but this also says so much more specially in Life.


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Quick Update

Hi all, after getting sick for a week..and this is the first time i been sick for that long…

I remember when i was a kid, i wished my fever would last longer so i wouldn’t have to go to school..haha..But now, i dont like it..felt like disabled.Couldn’t do anything..and i missed training..

So i tried the Live Fit Trainer Program made by Jamie Eason and its like im a beginner again..Entire body would ache..wake up sore Just like the first time..any way heres an update of me loosing some of my muscles..Im only 2 weeks out of the program and will fnally be back at it tomorrow..

548828_214158785390050_2044371868_n and i really wish theres another way i can post pictures in here through my phone..would make my life really easy..

So ill be posting again in 2weeks time :0

Later Xoxo

Train Insane Or Remain the same

Hi all, Filmed another video with one of yesterdays workout..

DSCN4950 and ive got this red dot from my first Hang snatch…Finally done it 🙂

My entire body is in pain But good pain…Im takin my off today from my training back at it again Thursdays and Saturdays 🙂

Had to re-schedule my training scheds and made another change on training routine that will work for my schedule as well..

As from yesterdays post I am traning using the Metabolic Resistance Training and im loving it.I hope you guys find my last pos helpful about the training.I also used to have a bodybuilding account,and it did help me soo much in learning new things. The site provide a lot of helpful information and people are really helfpul too if you need some help regarding training and diet etc.

tumblr_mg8dyjVXvH1r7wbzao1_500 And im also kickin my own butt to drinkin MORE water everyday.We know that this has soooo many benefits for us and its FREE. When i train i do drink water a lot, i do not drink energy drinks like i used to. I want my body to detox the good and healthy way,and i dont think eneyrgy drinks will be good if you are trying to remove bad toxins in your body while you are training right? So yes to Energy Water!

Till the next Post

Running makes me Happy……Well,after that :)

First Off,  bloggers that have made a comment on my posts, Just want you to know that i havent really got in to learning more of the things about this site or blog.I seen your posts on my Spam box( yikes)..I need to have time to learn about blogging.Please bare with me.I have been super busy, but i will learn the ins and outs of this blog 🙂 Again sorry guys..


So now on our topic..Yes i did my cardio after my weight training which is Chest and Biceps. I run/jog/walk every other day and walk on the rest of the remaining days of the week…

We dont want to run everyday or something because i dont want to get lazy.I tend to get lazy when i repeatedly do the same routine every day. I mean, who doesnt.In the long run of  doing the same thing you feel blaaahhhh…and forget going to the gym and training.AND Procrastinate…”ill go later”   this is me..hehe..BUT I FIGHT THROUGH THE LAZINESS…I find ways to motivate myself and bribe..hehe..

Walking is very good for you, its relaxing,seriously..if you are stressed out,had a fight with your loved ones,boss will help you think better.It releases that tension.I do this a lot when im stressed out.

But if you are in a serious business like loosing that annoying fat that you cant get rid of….Combine weight training and cardio..You dont have to lift like Arnold schwarzenegger 🙂 pick a weight enough to challenge you not strain you..Train Smart! And after that, Try interval running.We are not a sprinter and marathoner BUT we all know they Train to get to where they are now.

So start with 10 Mintues..1 minute run/jog and 30secs walk..Remember to warm up and stretch.If this is too easy build your time up and your speed.

Image0571 and seeing this really makes me happy that  made it through 35mintues without giving up..hehe.

Hope you guys liked this post..Till the next one

My Day..

Hi all,

Today i did a circuit training of upper body which is combined Push Pull,Shoulders and Arms and it took me 50 minutes with 30 secs break..I like it..and it was really sweaty..Im lovin circuit training’s  its intense and doesn’t take me forever to get done and plus its only 2 sets of 12-15 Reps.

Had my 2 eggs and of course the Coffee..Im addicted!

Made my juice today too..I forgot to get celery but i think this was ok. My snack…

1 Apple, 1 cucumber and 2 carrots.and a spoon of Honey.

I used my juicer for carrots and cucumber and blender my apple.Its easy fast and cheap..Sometimes when u just feel like u need to drink healthy juice..go for a quick one:)

Doesn’t have to be all expensive and extravagant to start the healthy habit.Try going with what you can afford for now.

And tomorrow  I will be running for 45 min. or so,i wish i can have some one take pics or videos…Hmmm…soon

Fitness Lifestyle Update

So, this is where i’m kind of at now..I was on my 2nd week of the Insanity workouts BUT I was really hard, the fast few days of doing it was really hard specially on my little feet..But idid tried though, BUT i didn’t stop training, I’m still doing my cardio But still i havent been lifting weights.. Its been about a month since i stopped. Reason why i stopped is because I am on a different goal. I am a fan of the fitness models we see everyday in the magazines,On TV, etc, And i loved how the muscles look on them, it soo amazing. Now, i have been training to get those muscles and i did got them by the way. I trained my legs twice a week and the rest are spread out through the week.I built a nice really toned legs. My arms grew too,Ive got guns! My abs..well Six Pack! My back- V-shape, which i get compliments by the way My shoulders were really defined.Even my brothers kept telling me i was “BIG”. I grew big, well for me, I did grow some muscles the healthy way.I ate really good and trained hard. One day i woke up saying Lets change things up.. By saying that, it means changing everything in what i do how i train,how i eat and mostly how i look. People goes to the gym with different goal but the usual people specially women, always ask for a “Feminine look” There will be a time they will compare me to what they wanted to look like “i like your small waist, but not big arms,i like your big/toned glutes but not huge legs” Well that’s normal if people couldnt figure out what they really want.I was once like that..I didnt know what i want.I just go through the motion and see how i feel. Its like an on going experiment for me. To see how things work,how things change. Its fun to learn how you can create your body.Most people dont beleive that they can but I do.It just takes a lot of hard work and a whole lot of patience. So What was my Goal? Loose a little bit more of my muscle mass and Tone my skin. Now i did a lot of research about this but you will never see much advice about loosing muscle mass. Because people are trying to gain Muscle. But do the other bodybuilder’s like to stay muscular till they’re 50? well on women specially. Im not saying that having muscles or having muscular physique is not good, Muscles are good but as for me Id like to look right for my age. So, im letting go of my legs my abs and everything. I will now be toning them, look more feminine and right for my age. I am still eating healthy and will train my body for good health.

The top picture was before i started the Insanity..few  months ago before i started Insanity.

The Bottom picture was before i started lifting heavy weights.

I am 27 years old and  i have been training hard for almost 3 years.

Time for some Change..I am excited..

And ill be posting a picture Month update  of where im at.

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