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Whoa, this morning was a painful start of my day…I just resigned from my Job, and I didn’t want to.But my workplace is just way to stressful for me.My job as a trainer is not stressful ,the workplace is. Was emotional saying why i was resigning.I think this place isn’t really for me.I need to go and change things.And continue with what i love to do…still,a Fitness Trainer and soon a Nutritionist.

So after a stressful day.I went to the mall and walked around and stress myself some more..haha.

 this was today’s Outfit..always keeping it easy and stress free 🙂

But looking at this shoes,pumps hurts me…My pocket! 🙂

 I just love shoes,its my addiction..And this addiction is not cheap. And now i’m jobless,i wont be able to get some of this things for a while. 😦

So, i did my workout too..I am still on my goal.I lost more weight. Its water weight from supplements.And going au natural is really good.I haven’t been taking Creatine since i started my new program like i used to when i lift weights and no protein shake either because im trying to loose my mass. I couldn’t lift as heavy as i used to but my agility,speed is still the same.And i am ok with that. And i can run for a good distance 🙂

 Not much definition like the picture  a month ago.I believe that we can shape our bodies,how it should look like,how it will look like.And i am going for it!



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