Olay Age Protect Review

OLAY_AGE_PROTECT_ANTI_AGEING_CREAM_18gm_M_1_2x Its Benefits- Lightens Dark Spots, Visibly reduces wrinkles , Improves skin tone , Gives Radiant Younger looking skin.Use within 4 weeks to see results.

Now my skin is Oily and prone to acne.I just gave this a try hoping that it wont break me out.I wanted to see if it would reduce the signs of  wrinkles.

If you live in a hot tropical country  like me.Has oily skin and prone to acne.DON’T use this. My face broke out, and i have only been using this for a little  over 2 weeks.Some may use this for a month to see better results,I cant.Had to stop because my face started getting irritated.

This will be really good for women who has dry skin and not sensitive skin.

The product feels oily, feels soft and a little sticky but it does smells really good.

Too bad, i couldn’t keep using this .So i wont buy this product again.But id recommend this to women who has Normal,Dry skin and not prone to Acne.

And if you are planning on buying this product, start with the small bottle like 18g. and see how you like it.Keeps you from spending or wasting a lot of money 🙂

Hope this helps.Let me know i you have anymore questions regarding this post 🙂


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