Quick Update

Hi all, after getting sick for a week..and this is the first time i been sick for that long…

I remember when i was a kid, i wished my fever would last longer so i wouldn’t have to go to school..haha..But now, i dont like it..felt like disabled.Couldn’t do anything..and i missed training..

So i tried the Live Fit Trainer Program made by Jamie Eason and its like im a beginner again..Entire body would ache..wake up sore Just like the first time..any way heres an update of me loosing some of my muscles..Im only 2 weeks out of the program and will fnally be back at it tomorrow..

548828_214158785390050_2044371868_n and i really wish theres another way i can post pictures in here through my phone..would make my life really easy..

So ill be posting again in 2weeks time :0

Later Xoxo


All Day eerrrrday Glutes

from my old video that i did..Love to train Glutes..Using Hack Squat machine on Reverse 🙂

Thought id share..

Another day grind..

Happy weekend ladies and gents!



Not skipping training even if its Saturday!

Happy Training…


For Saturday Training

Hi guys and gal 🙂

Here is my training for Saturday

1,Hang Snatch

2,Push Press

3,Bench Press

4,Pull – Ups (Thats right i can)  🙂

5,Squats Deep

6, Deadlift

5 Sets of 5 reps ..Circuit..Or if i can go for 6 Sets, well see 🙂

This will be the last workout of the week.Im pretty excited to do Hang snatch specially because i haven’t done it. I Love difficult kind of training,i get really excited.

Its weird i have some strength left after a break and no supplements.This really made me happy…So, BIG YAY FOR THE NATURAL LIFTERS 🙂

Hope you guys will try this too 🙂

Loosing Mass for now…

Result of no heavy weight training for about 3 weeks..And Learning about my hormones,my cravings for sweets and eating bad things.Yikes!

For now, i am on relax mode on my heavy weight training days.Going to be on HIIT mode short and quick workouts.Healing my hormones.Its nooooo easy thing to do specially when you are going against your “Feelings” ..Im going crazy not hitting weights but i have to..I have to make sure my hormones is going with me,the right way.

My legs are a bit soft right now and so as my abdominals.  😦

DSCN4685DSCN4689 and Here is the goal sample id like to transform my body to

Upper Body Lisa Marie of Bodyrock.tv.She is a great inspiration for this goal..New year New me 🙂

pizap.com13545976195041 So this is how my body is now..

pizap.com13545987029351 and this is what my Goal looks like for new year! Im excited! and NOT impossible!

HIIT by. BodyRock.Tv And Weight Training!

Hi all,

I just had a major headache reading to many info’s. Been reading about Hormones, things that affects your Hormones.How training can affect you and your hormones,your diet etc.

Since i started weight training, my Hormones has been crazy.Everything changed.To my acne breakouts, to PMS go nuts,and mood and so much more.Its been a hard time keeping fat off around my tummy.It goes off and on again.I have been trying to change my routines a lot because i get really bored fast.Usually i hear people change their trainings every 4 weeks But me, i have to change every 2 weeks.I get bored and lazy that quick.And its been almost 3 years of changing.

Now i know change is good.We need to change out training to prevent hitting Plateau. But what i need is, a training that doesn’t make my Hormones go nuts and be the reason for me not to reach my goal.

Eh, this is also one of the reason i love being a fitness trainer,We don’t stop learning.I am still a beginner 🙂 and so much to learn.

Now, Hormones is a big thing,specially if you train and diet.Well more than training and Diet.It affects our whole being.Hormones could also be a reason why that annoying fat around the belly wont just go far far away! And no matter how hard you train yourself to eat good,then you get the nasty cravings!

So, i was reading this blog,


Which is really helpful,(hope its ok that im putting her blog here)

Going through this blog, i thought,well, lets try HIIT Again! as this kind of training doesn’t cause as much stress in the body. I used to use Bodyrock.tv  for this kinds of workout and i love the fact that some of the workouts there,You didn’t have to use weights and you can do it at home! So, now i think im going back to Body rocking again!! And Lisa Marie is the biggest motivator i have right now. You guys should check them out.

I will be dividing HIIT to my Weight training days..And see how this goes.Will be experimenting…And Hopefully i don’t get bored or lazy.

Well be posting weekly updates on my how my training is going..And will be showing you guys how my weight training Looks like.



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