Tonights menu..

 Shitake mushroom, Broccoli, tomatoes and flavored with cumin,sriracha and magic sarap (Filipino seasoning) dinner!


Tattoo Plan?

I am planning on having a tattoo this Christmas..And this will be my sixth tattoo which ill be posting about them soon,

And i been thinking about having one the past few months and i think this will be the best gift that ill have for myself..

The tattoo choice will be “Know Thyself ,Love Thyself” In Latin. Id like Greek too but i don’t know how to read them..haha Plus i wouldn’t know if it was written correctly.Its too risky and scary.

I been doing research about it and im scared of putting something on my skin that is written wrong.And I have to make sure im doing this right.

I planned on having then on my left ankle like this one

 I think its simple Yet elegant kind of looking..Is that right?

So if any of you guys know Latin please leave a comment..It will really mean so much to me..Thank you.

Grocery shopping and finding Tim Tam

 TIM TAMS!!!!! i was soo happy i found these bad boys..i been watching youtube blogs about this, they said they were really good. i didn’t know so i cant relate.haha.

Thank god they had the little 4 pcs. pack soooo i bought one,and actually i just got done eating them and Ohh mahhh gaawwd..i loved them..BUT i can’t have them like everyday because they are really sweet. So maybe ill have them on my Cheat day once in a while 🙂

And now i know whats that talk about these sweet thing…

 my favorite isle i the market. All the organic stuff i could find

 gahh,, soo expensive BUT i will get you one day..I must try you!

 I love these ones..but i wanted to try the thai curry paste

 These ones are so convenient. If you are in a budget or in a hurry..I love them cus i dont have to put anything on my oatmeal and i can take it to work with me

 I wanted a cracker that would go with my tea so i found this ones, and its a multi grain..Got my Organic tea of Moroccan Mint,must try,i don’t know how this taste like thats why i bought it..Im a tea addict..i wish i could go to Japan and just try all of the Teas they have..


My Lunch today

 This was todays lunch, cream dory is a big sized fish so i put away the other half for dinner..i know the greens are missing in this picture..i didn’t get to buy my greens this morning.And for me,its a must to have greens in my plate 😦

so i bought some today..was in  a market.Will be making Curry veggies. and will be posting picture soon 🙂

Another OOTD..And a thank you

  Today was church day and decided id wear this dress.I love em…Im starting to have the “eyes for fashion” and i have to say thank you for those who have been liking my posts.I get really excited and inspired to post more,well not just this but will be posting things that is important,one that would be really worth taking a look at my Blog page.Thank you

Outfit of the Day

 thanks to YOUTUBE AND BLOGGER’S i am learning how to style..thank you

Day off

 Ahh its been a relaxing day.I got to do things i been meaning to do for the fast few days/weeks..Today i had my hair treatment.Im going crazy and thinking of chopping them off cus they are pretty damaged and watching asymmetrical bob hairstyle on Youtube is tempting me to do it,still couldn’t make my up mind..well,its hard decide if id go to the painful process of growing hair AGAIN..(typical Gemini).I do love short hair because where im from, Asian don’t like short hair and most are pretty afraid of getting haircut (me) and its always LONG HAIR..i like being edgy and different..but gahhh growing hair is soo hard for me..i get impatient and it takes years to have a good length and my hair is wavy too.

I also had my nails done which costs about 2 dollars..manicure and pedicure and i have to learn how to do all of this when i get to the states because they said its pretty expensive

And the hair treatment costs about 2 dollars..pretty cheap..i like it here.

I did studied cosmetology but i stopped taking the course cus i got lazy..So stupid…

Oh well might have to take it again

Korean Food addict!

 I made Ramyun for lunch and it is the Bomb! Put some eggs,onion leaves on it and a little bit of the spice.Didn’t put the whole pack of it because it is really salty.And i could eat this everyday but i dont think that is a great idea right? Ehh i love this and im having it tomorrow 😀

I love korean food, Kimchi and soooo many more.Ahhh i love food and dieting is really hard because i have to limit my food and really choose what im supposed to eat 😦

I try eating healthy but i do cheat ones a week.

3rd Week Progress already

So im only 3rd week and not even out But i am already seeing result..I lost some of the bulk/muscle that i have..I have already lift weights but lighter than i used to lift and little reps and sets.Pretty happy with the  result. and today, i was in the mood to do Jump ropes. So i did 30 of 1 minutes, listening to my music, my calves were a bit tired after that But i guess that mood lasted for another 30 and i walked for another 30 minutes. i also did my ab workout and core..And i posted it in my Youtube channel..

Hmm,this interesting.what do you guys think about this?

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